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Interview with Jenna Fox

CT: What was the reason you moved to California, according to Claire?

Claire really avoided the question. She was very hesitant when she answered it, but she said it was to get away from the doctors and a lot of people.

CT: Jenna can you describe Lily and Claire for us please?

Well, I don't feel very welcomed, and I can't really describe Lily considering that she doesn't like to talk to me. All I can say about Lily is that she doesn't like me. Claire is very emotional and she keeps making me watch these videos so my memory will bounce back.

CT: What did Claire mean by "to get away from the doctors?"

Claire told me that I was in a year coma. I had an accident but I don't know what type. I guess she wanted a break from the doctors.

CT: Do you love Claire? If so, why?

No, because I don't know her. I can't love somebody I don't know.

CT: Do you remember any of the accident?

No, I just keep hearing these voices, saying "Hurry up Jenna."

CT: Do you consider yourself odd?

Well, I don't remember how to walk and talk! Those are just the basics, so yes, I do consider myself odd, highly unusual, and strange. Oh, and maybe a bit curious. By the way I looked that word up the other day and Claire uses that word to describe our neighbor, Mr. Bender.

CT: Who is Mr. Bender?

He is our "curious" next door neighbor. I'm starting to become really great friends with him. Apparently he was apart of the whole "Moving to California thing". He knew my parents and was watching us to make sure nobody found out about me.

CT: Why were you begging to go to school?

I wanted to know if I could make friends. Since I don't remember what friends I had before the coma, I wanted to make some. Claire didn't want me to go. We got into this huge arguement about going to school. Lily actually convinced her to let me go.

CT: How did it feel to go to school?

I felt freedom. I kept wondering, if Claire was going to change her mind. She made a very tentative decision. Being distant from her felt good. She said it would be dangerous for them if I went to school. When she said that, I wondered if the old Jenna ever hurted someone.

CT: Who did you meet at school?

I met a girl named Allys, A guy named Ethan, and a guy named Dane. I met alot of other people but these were the first people I met, when I first got to the school. Allys was very nice; she was missing all of her limbs, and her prostetics looked really real. Ethan seemed like the world owed him something. Dane was creepy and nobody really like him. They tried to stay really distant from him. He was the guy that Mr. Bender warned me about. Also, everybody kept saying that Ethan was dangerous and was a monster, but Ifelt like that wasn' the case with him.

CT: Who became your really good friend?

Ethan because we both had a lot of things in common. We both felt like the world owed us something. He wasn't normal, nor was I. He also told me about that stuff called biogel. We spent a lot of time together, but Lily didn't seem to like me hanging around with him.

CT: What was the whole chaos behind that key?

Well, I was in Claire's room, when I saw a key sticking out of the mattress. I decided to go test the key on the door that was locked in the hallway. I saw my computer, and as I was walking I tripped and sliced my palm on a piece of metal. Blood didn't come out of my hand, it was bio gel.

CT: What did you tell your mom?

I asked her why she didn't tell me. That's when I figured out that we were hiding out in Boston. I was illegal; I couldn't be in Boston, so we moved to California. My dad started to tell me that all of my memories were uploaded. I felt like an artificial freak.

CT: Did you feel the same?

No, I felt like I was a robot and I was programmed. My parents hid this from me. They told met that I would never know how they felt, unless I have been in their shoes. I wasn't supposed to tell anybody, but I told Ethan.

CT: What was Ethan's secret?

Ethan was put in prison because he beat a man with a bat, even though he was already unconcious. The guy was a drug dealer, and was giving drugs to his thirteen year old brother.

CT: Did you ever figure out what those computers were?

Yes, they were Kara and Locke's backups just in case something was to happen. I don't know if I mentioned Kara and Locke in the interview, but they were in the car accident with me. Kara was the one who was driving the car. She crashed us and we were trying to get away from a fight that had happend at a party.

CT: What did you do with the backups?

I let them free. I put them in the pond, to let them free. Those were the voices I was hearing. I felt like it was right to free Kara and Locke. My parents were really upset with me and shocked. Lily actually helped me free them.

CT: How do you feel now knowing that your parents did what they did out of love?

I'm kind of ok with it. I'm still not thrilled that they didn't tell me, but I'm glad that I get to live for over one hundred years. They did what they did out of love. They didn't mean to hurt anyone else, but they did risk getting in trouble for me.



Ethan was one of Jenna Fox's best friends, and was also the first person to know she was made out of bio gel. Later on in life, Jenna and Ethan became husband and wife. They also had a daughter named Kayla. Of course, Ethan wasn't made out of bio gel, so he didn't get to live a long life with Jenna. Jenna probably only had a few years to live with Ethan. Something that was unique about Ethan was that we acted like the world owed him something. Jenna was the only person to really talk to him; everybody else said that he was a monster and was very harmful. I think that's what stood out to Jenna the most. It's like they had something in common when they first met each other. People used to tell Jenna to stay away from Ethan, but that didn't stop her. She felt like she could be herself around Ethan, because they both felt like they were odd. Overall, Ethan was a nice guy towards Jenna, and the way he died remains unknown.

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We, California Times do not agree with the FSEB. FSEB stands for " Federal Science Ethnics Board". We believe that if you have any part of your own brain you are human. In this society people like to judge a lot; so I guess based on this society, if you don't have your full brain, you aren't human. I think that thinking, talking a language, having an identity and personality, and most of all having a brain is what makes you human. The FSEB shouldn't even exist. This industry doesn't have a right to tell somebody that they aren't human. People themselves can call themselves whatever they want. Also I don't think people should have any years added to their lives. God has a plan for them, and that means it is time for them to die. So overall, I think that scientists and doctors shouldn't be able to use any technology to keep people alive. In our society that we live in, it is illegal. If anybody breaks the laws they will go to prison and get fired from their job as a doctor or scientists.


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