Tech Ninja Blast

Week of February 1, 2016

This Week's "JOT": Screencastify

One of my favorite and most heavily used tech tools this year (as you may have already noticed) has been Screencastify. It's one of many video screen-capture apps available on the Chrome Web Store. But the nice thing about Screencastify is that it's simple to learn/use, it's free, and best of all it's fully integrated with Google Drive, Chrome, and Youtube. This means you can go from screen recording, to saving, to sharing in mimutes without having to jump through a bunch of annoying video transfer hoops. It can be installed as a Chrome Add-on or downloaded. How might you consider using Screencastify in your class?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Short teacher-created video demonstrations/lessons for students (think "flipped" classroom)
  • Teacher and/or student-created tech help videos for classmates, parents, and even other teachers.
  • Student-created screencasts of their own Google Slides show/presentation containing their own audio narration: This is a GREAT way for them to practice verbalizing and explaining their thinking of subject matter.

For more info on Screencastify, check out this quick Youtube video or check-in with one of the Tech Ninjas at your school.

Have fun!

How to Use Screencastify


Q: Is there a way to easily send parents a report of how their students did on an assessment they took (using Illuminate)?

A: Sure is! And thanks to Mr. Nate Randall, 3rd Grade teacher at Forest Grove, for finding these gems under the 'Reports' tab!

Once logged-in, go to 'Assessments' (List Assessments), click on the specific assessment, click on 'Reports', select 'Student and Parent Letters', and filter as needed, Click on 'Download to PDF' and attach to an email (or print for each student if preferred).

At the middle and high school, I would recommend printing out a report called 'Student Small Slips' (individual slips of student answers, total score, and performance level against the key), and distribute these to your students along with a posted copy of your assessment in PDF on your Google Classroom or class website (for student/parent reference).

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AI -"Article of Inspiration"

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, Feb 1: Ed-Tech Plan Dev. and Assessment Support (MS, DO, CHS), Staff Meeting - "Tech 5" (HS).
  • Tues, Feb 2: Ed-Tech Support (MS),Illuminate Assessment Support (DO)
  • Wed, Feb 3: Ed-Tech Support (FG), Illuminate Assessment Support (DO)
  • Thurs,Feb 4: Ed-Tech Plan Dev. (DO), K-5 Collaboration Meeting (RD)
  • Fri, Feb 5: HS-NGSS Meeting (MCOE)