Social Media in Instruction

5 key tips when using social media in instruction

The connection between social media and instructional learning

With social media growing day by day, we need to learn how to use social media in instructional learning. Everyone is using social media so we need to learn to utilize these free platforms to learn and develop people.

5 Key Tips!

5. Be more familiar with popular Social Media.

Being up to date with the bigger social media platforms will help you learn how to utilize them to the max when you bring learning to people.

4. Bringing Social Media to the workplace.

A lot of businesses are starting to utilize social media as a way to keep people up to date and they are seeing the value in these platforms. Using Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, you can utilize these by posting updates, training videos, and Business pages for your business. These are only some of the ways you can bring it to the workplace.

3. Use Social Media in Collaborative Learning.

“Google Docs for collaborating on line. Great for collecting data for a statistics lesson for example - create a form which all the students complete – all the data will be collected on a single spreadsheet.” Colleen Young, Senior Tutor and Mathematics Teacher, Newstead Wood School in the UK

2. Utilize Social Media for Networking.

LinkedIn – “Great way to interact, ask questions, answer questions, start discussions and network” Corinne Burkhert, Social Media Strategetist / Relationship Marketing Consultant, UK

1. Share your presentation skills with collaborative presenting.

“Voicethread brings discussions on such media as video to an entirely new level. It allows you and your students to collaboratively share your thoughts on video whilst watching simultaneously.” Mark Schumann, e-Learning Developer, secondary school, Melbourne, Australia,


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