iPads 'How To'

It's great to see more requests to use iPads in a range of ways to support learning in class this term. As the booking traffic increases - it's time to do a 'How To' on a few things to think about when planning to use iPads. Getting used to using an iPad in the classroom will need some investment on your part to become familiar with how to set this up. Thankyou in advance for your enthusiasm.

How to Book an iPad/s ?

We want the devices to be as accessible as possible, and naturally, to encourage you to use them. To help us avoid booking clashes please help us by:

Classes using iPads for ICT module / Already have a recurring booking?

For some of our ICT modules a particular class will have priority for the whole set [24] or part of a set. An overview for this term will be sent in a seperate bulletin. Please email Rachel to request a recurring booking.

Would like to introduce iPads into topic work / Explore new activities ?

This is a 2 step process: [1] email Rachel a description of how you plan to use them, and where this links to your topic planning [2] we'll have a quick chat about the how and the practicalities and then get you set up.

Want to practise using iPad yourself /further advice on teaching with iPads ?

Not all iPads are always in use so individual devices will be available for use. The iPad trolley is open during the day, please look at the schedule on the trolley to see when they are booked and if available, you can sign out an iPad.

What's on a JSL iPad ?

Each of the JS iPads is set up with a 'Junior School Set' of apps that has been established, loaded and administered by the LTMs on each site. This set provides a good 'toolbox' applicable for all year groups.

What is different from a personal iPad Setup ?

Unlike on a personal device, you are not able to load apps as security is locked to maintain a safe and tested profile for students. It also means that students at any BSN junior school will have similar applications available to them.

We have found a relevant app, can they be added to the school set ?

You are welcome to suggest free apps for consideration - they must have an educational focus or application.

If a new app is accepted for the school set - loading the apps will need to be scheduled and the necessary time for this factored in before they will be ready for use [remember there are multiple iPads to load to].

iPads with Specific apps ?

iPad 23 and 24 have an additional set of SEN apps loaded and stored in the 'JSL' folder. SEN/EAL have a priority booking, i.e. if needed to work with particular students, this booking is precedent.

If you know that a student could benefit from their use in class, please talk to SEN colleagues about the apps available.

Where do iPads Live - where do I collect them ?

The iPads are stored and charged in the iPad trolley which is currently in the LTM office. Each iPad is numbered,e.g. jslmobile 10 and they are stored 2 per tray.

Each iPad has a charger cable that is wired in, and connects to the power unit in the back panel. When plugged in and switched on, this will automatically charge the whole set over a 4 hour period. The trolley must be plugged in at the end of school day.

To collect: disconnect an iPad from the cable on the tray , reconnect when you return it.

See Gallery for photos of different parts of the trolley and description of what they do.

Trolley not in the LTM office ? It will be with the last class to use them.

How do I view work on iPad on IWB ?

When introducing or sharing iPad with your class you may want to project this on a large screen/view.

In each classroom you have a 'breakout box' which connects your PC signal to your IWB.

  • Undo the VGA* connection from the PC to the breakout box [*VGA connector is blue or beige - SEE photos and click on to view caption please].
  • Sounds complicated - it's not, you will have to try it out before a lesson if you haven't done it before.
  • Where do you find a VGA > iPAd connector? These live on the bottom shelf of iPad trolley.
  • Connect the VGA end to breakoutbox and the white end to the iPad. The iPad image will appear automatically on your IWB as long as it is connected.
  • Switch cables back to resume IWB work and remember to return cables to iPad trolley OR they won't be there for the next person :-).

Before you return iPads to the trolley >

I've talked before about Digital Citizenship for our students, and the same goes for us. To make sure that the iPads are ready for the next user - we need to factor in some steps before we return them.

Check the following:

  • Delete any unwanted images/video/docs. The JSL Rule is = ONLY delete work that you yourself have created. There will naturally be other peoples work in progress on the iPad that needs to stay there.
  • Close ALL open apps. How ? Double click the Home Button and it will open the screen that shows all open apps. Swipe UP to close the app. Not sure what this means? Ask a friend or a student to show you. Please encourage students to do this before finishing lessons/use.

AOB - Being JSL Responsible Citizens

  • No food or drinks near the iPads please.

  • JSL Rule "Teacher talking, iPad cover closed" - promotes little hands not fiddling with iPad during instructions and will also stop click, click, clicking that you hear when covers being opened.

  • If moving around, carry holding with two hands.

  • When using video or sound active apps - make sure the volume button is switched up [don't know where it is ? Ask a friend].

When Can I 'Have a Go' with someone there to help ?

During the Spring term I have an iBook Club in the Media Centre on Friday lunchtimes. The iPads will be there too, you are welcome to drop in and use iPads during that time, when I and some Digital Leaders will be there to help.

Fancy a certificate to add to your CPD portfolio ?

Why not use Friday lunchtime to over a few weeks to take the KickStart Diploma ?

Can't make a Friday - please see me and we can organise access for you. Want to know more about KickStart, please just ask :-).

How do I know who used which iPad ?

To help you record iPad use, each class will be given an iPad tracker sheet [by email, pls print doc], record the activity and date next to the iPad number. Some of you are used to using this system last year.