Westin Glenn

Diagnosis is ADHD

Westin's background

  • Westin is a nine year old child.
  • Westin lives with his mom and stepdad and sister.
  • He is very intelligent, but has problems with focusing.
  • He is in the fourth grade and has a hard time making friends.
  • Westin's parents have decided that even though he was diagnosed with ADHD they will not medicate him. Westin's parents believe that type of medication taken everyday will harm their child and they come from a low income family who can not afford the medicine.
  • He loves art class
  • Westin tends to stare off at things and forgets easily what he is suppose to be doing to be on task.

Student-Teacher Connection

  • I will make time to have a one on one setting with him sometime throughout the day.
  • Make sure that not all my lessons are just sitting and lecturing and have fun ways for the students to interact with the lesson to keep him engaged.
  • Small group activities for more interaction with his classmates to help.
  • Find creative projects to tie in

Teaching methods specifically geared toward Westin

  • I will make make learning active.
  • I will help teach self- monitoring to help make the learning process easier for that student.
  • I will vary the amount of time I lecture and the students have to sit and listen.
  • Whenever is possible I will plan a lesson around something that is interesting to him.
  • I will make sure while teaching I am moving around a little bit as to hold the attention of his attention when it starts to drift away from the lesson.

Motivation Strategies

  • Constant communication with parents
  • I will make sure to not sit him by the door or the windows so he is not easily distracted.
  • In between lessons for a brain break I will play attention boosting games such as Simon Says or musical chairs.
  • If it is nice outside we will try to spend a little extra time outside to be able to run around.
  • I will talk to him about whispering to himself " I will pay attention to my work" to self motivate himself to keep going.
  • I will show Westin joy and happiness for staying on task and doing what he is suppose to.

Assessment Technique for Westin

  • I will have parent child meetings to make sure he is where he needs to be.
  • I will give Westin a five question quiz over the main points we went over in core subjects such as math, social studies and science.
  • I will do an activity that uses manipukatives after a lecutre that has taken place after a math lesson that will allow him to show me what he has learned.

  • I will ask him to be my helper to keep him engaged in what is going on in the classroom.

Modifications to the above plan for creating a classroom learning plan that meets the varying needs of all students in my classroom.

  • I will make sure to have visual aides such as charts or videos or blocks.
  • I will have student interaction in my classroom and have them work in groups and go to the white board to do certain problems pertaining to the lesson.
  • I will summarize the key points on the board
  • Once I write the assignment on the board I will have the class repeat what the assingment is and write it under the daily objectives.