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November 15, 2020 Edition

Happy Sunday Ramirez Families!

November Focus on Gratitude!

I am thankful for the moments in time and space, when a child shares a truth so real, so compelling, so simple, so pure, that it touches me to my soul.

~Mrs. Douglas

Be kind to someone today. Be kind every day!

Why Be Kind?


Reminders for Student Success - 5.5 weeks to go!!

Dear Families,

As we head into the final month of the semester, our attention is focused on students who are struggling to complete work, leading to poor grades. Our entire district – actually, most of the country - is working through the difficulties of remote online schooling, and wondering when the pandemic will end…or at least be in a place where we can begin to move forward toward “normal.”

Our teachers have spent considerable time discussing ways to further assist students toward greater learning and better grades. We wanted to put out some of the top suggestions for students so we can be of support to you, the greatest supporters of our students.

  1. Camera’s on kiddos! - The best way for a teacher to check for engagement during a lesson is to simply look at a student. In a classroom, just one glance at the eyes and hands can tell us if the task is being accomplished, the student is on track with the pace of the lesson, and if they are understanding the work. Cameras also make a student accountable to be present. Sometimes when teachers are asking questions or calling on students and getting no response, they are unsure if the child has walked away, fallen asleep, or is choosing not to answer because they do not want to engage. A simple click to turn on a camera makes a HUGE difference to how your child is learning!
  2. Attendance to Office hours/Remote support – Teachers will give information in class, in the Google Classroom stream or in emails about the time for students to come and get extra help. There are about 5-10% of students taking us up on this offer of extra help on a regular basis from 1-2 pm. And for SURE, teachers offer extra time just before quizzes and tests to study with students, answer questions, etc. Please look in your child’s Google Classroom for office hours by course or your child can email their teacher to ask about the times to get this help.
  3. Show up every day – Schools are operating under rules for attendance that, while looser than normal, still affect learning greatly. No one can help it if there is a power outage or the WIFI goes down, but do you have a phone backup? Can you get kicked off and try again in 2-3 minutes? Can you clear out your WIFI history at home for better connection? You can request a “MiFi” through the district by going on to Parent Connect and changing your device survey options if you are having constant connectivity issues. You can also change your options to request a district Chromebook if your computer is also used by other family members. Call us if you have questions about how to complete the device survey…it is never too late and is always updated…and you can request more than one per household now if you need it. Missed instruction means learning suffers.
  4. NO secrets! – Our teachers have worked very hard to change everything about the way they do their job. In changing their teaching, they are not trying to have any tricks or surprises…they are creating materials that give away the answers, telling students exactly what will be on the tests, and as mentioned before, giving additional support time for student success. Please look through assignments on Parent/Student Connect and see where the missing work is. Look at the To Do list on Google Classroom. Ask your child why it was incomplete – was it too difficult or just forgotten? Understanding why a child is getting a poor grade is important information. To correct a poor grade, it must first be understood. This is where we may need your help in figuring out what is going on.

This is a long letter, so if you have gotten this far reading, THANK YOU! We just want to end with a reminder to check your child’s TO-DO on Google classroom often, get on Parent Connect, and ask your child questions about their classwork. We often call parents who respond that they had no idea their child was not showing up online or was missing so much work. We understand parents are at work and busy! We want you to know that there is no shame in saying that it’s a struggle all the way around. We just hope this letter provides a reminder that we are here to help, and we are extremely thankful for your help as well!

Your Ramirez Team


How to Access Google Class To Do List

Google Classroom To Do List


Quarter 2 Progress Grades are Available on Parent Connect



JFK's final recruitment night of 2020 is December 10, 2020 at 5:30 pm on Facebook Live!
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LANGUAGE ARTS TEACHER, MRS. SEXTON, was chosen by her students as teacher of the month. Here is what they said!

*This teacher is the sweetest person she is very patient and she is just an amazing hard worker and that's why she should deserve teacher of the month.

*I feel that Mrs. Sexton deserves teacher of the month because Mrs. Sexton is kind, comforting, supporting, and relatable. She just makes you feel good and I love that. That is why I feel Mrs. Sexton should get teacher of the month.

*She is very understanding and is so nice.

*She puts all things due till Sunday which i8 can do it helps me when I need to do my other things.

*She's very nice and a great teacher.

*Mrs. Sexton deserves teacher of the month because she understands the student's perspective. Say we turn in an assignment a day late she is a little lenient on us considering these hard times.

*Mrs. Sexton also cares about her students.

*Mrs. Sexton always makes sure her students are ok.

*Mrs. Sexton's class is fun and she tries to make it enjoyable.

*She is really nice and gives us a ton of time to do work, and she doesn't give a ton of work, and also talks to us about our problems.

*I selected this teacher because she is super nice and makes time for answering questions about when to go to school also if there is anything that we would need to know.



It is very simple to join the Ramirez PTSA this year! Everything can be done electronically! If you have not joined, you can go to: https://bit.ly/JoinRamirezPTSA



Ramirez Student Led Instagram

Did you know that Ramirez has a student run Instagram that recognizes students in our Wolf Pack? Here is the Instagram address:


Here are some of the topics:

Mondays - birthday shout outs

Tuesdays - Teachers recognizing student awesomeness

Wednesday - motivational messages

Thursday - students recognizing students

Friday - open MIC which features activities which connect our student community

Please drop by and have your student join you!

Who Are We?

Ramirez is a model school where learning is the only option. We provide an environment that is safe and caring, rigorous and engaging. We ensure all students learn with the supports provided. We know that our strength as a school is found in our collaborative spirit. We value relationships, high expectations, and support. We work hard to incorporate these each and every day!