Welcome New Tigers

Class of 2025

Greetings Rising 9th Graders

Welcome to the Early College family! This is an exciting time to be a Tiger!

We are in the midst of celebrating the 31 seniors who have already earned their Associate's Degrees. We are also enjoying the first-ever Maymester at ECHS.

In June, we look forward to celebrating all of our high school graduates, the inaugural class to graduate from ECHS.

Later this summer, we'll start the planning for our expansion site at the Fraser Campus.

There is so much to celebrate and look forward to, including the fact that each of you is a new member of the ECHS family.

We hope you enjoyed your welcome packet! We can't wait to meet you!!

Important Dates & ECHS Academic Calendar

Please reserve Monday, August 2, 2021, for our 9th Grade Orientation. We'll know more about the structure of the event as COVID requirements for next year evolve, but for now, we wanted you to save the date.

Also, we want to be sure that you are aware that ECHS follows the Trident Tech calendar, and so our school days and vacations do not always align with CCSD. You can find the 2021-22 ECHS Academic Calendar here. To be clear, the ECHS calendar is different from the rest of CCSD.

What can I expect at Orientation?

At orientation, you'll have the opportunity to meet your classmates and get acquainted with the school, but we'll also distribute all of your school supplies and collect fees, which we hope will take care of the "things to do" list that can get so hectic around back-to-school season.
  • Meet the Teachers
  • Schedule Pickup
  • Chromebook Pickup (Please have page 10 of the ECHS Chromebook AUP signed)
  • Pay your student's Chromebook fee ($35)
  • Pay your student's instructional fee ($10)
  • Pay your student's Portrait fee ($10)
  • Complete your back to school forms early
  • Purchase ECHS Spirit Gear
  • Take your school pictures - PICTURE DAY!

You can find a detailed explanation of all fees below. Please pay your school fees here prior to Orientation, and bring your receipt along with you.

2021 Summer Reading Assignment

Your summer reading assignment is due to your AVID teacher on the first day of AVID class.

Registration Information & Program School Status

Early College High School (ECHS) students will be registered at their home high schools, as defined by their address. Early College High School is a program school, as such students will remain linked to home schools in PowerSchool

Please see some important points below regarding the registration process:

  • If you are an 8th-grade student currently enrolled in a CCSD choice school, then you will need to register at your home school (as defined by your address).
  • If you are an 8th-grade student not currently enrolled in any CCSD school, then you will need to register at your home school (as defined by your address).
  • In the case of an 8th-grade student enrolled in a non-choice CCSD school, the students will need to take no action for registration.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions, we know that this is a bit nuanced.

Dress Code

While ECHS does not require uniforms, we do adhere to a dress code that can be found in the Student Handbook (linked below).



For the purpose of busses, ECHS is considered a CCSD Magnet School. Student addresses are provided to Durham School Services by ECHS. Students board the bus at a centralized meeting point as determined by Durham School Services. CCSD policy establishes that a stop must be within 5 miles of the student’s home address. It is the family’s responsibility to get the students to and from the stop, and we’ll do the rest. We expect bus routes to be published at this link in late July. Once published, if you do not see a stop within five miles of your home address, please complete the form at this link.

Pro Tip: Students may ride any ECHS-designated bus to and from school.

If you have any bus-related complaints throughout the year, please use this link to log your complaint. This is the way that CCSD tracks bus issues and shares them with Durham. I have found that when we use this form, there is generally a swift response.

What makes ECHS so special?

Obviously, the answer to that question is our students and faculty/staff!!

Here are some points of pride that our amazing students have accomplished and some information about the structures that will ensure that your child experiences success too!


ECHS is the only school in CCSD that offers an Associate’s Degree, and all textbooks and fees at no cost to the student's family.

Student Successes:

2019-20 End Of Course Exam Scores

  • 83% of Biology I EOC Test Takers earned an A, B or C
  • 85% of Algebra I EOC Test Takers earned an A, B or C
  • 54% of USHC EOC Test Takers earned an A, B or C

2019-20 Benchmark Scores

    2019-20 College Readiness
    • 97% of 9th Grade Students Qualify for TTC Classes in Reading/Writing
    • 87% of 9th Grade Students Qualify for TTC Classes in Algebra
    • 100% of 10th Grade Students Qualify for TTC Classes in Reading/Writing
    • 97% of 10th Grade Students Qualify for TTC Classes in Algebra
    • 97% of 11th Grade Students Qualify for TTC Classes in Reading/Writing
    • 92% of 11th Grade Students Qualify for TTC Classes in Algebra

    2019-20 Anticipated Graduates
    • 100% of current 9th-graders on track to become 10th graders
    • 100% of current 10th-graders on track to become 11th graders
    • 100% of current 11th-graders on track to become 12th graders

    2019-20 College and Career readiness (6 college credits, C or better)
    • 95% of current juniors have already met CCR indicators
    • 86% of current sophomores have already met CCR indicators

    College Achievement
    • On average, 90% of students who attempt a college class earn a C or better each semester.
    • A student at ECHS who is on pace to graduate with an Associate's Degree has earned 38 college credits at the end of their junior year, and 12 college credits at the end of their sophomore year.

    Lexile Growth
    • Average Lexile (Reading) growth for a student during the 2019-20 school year was 148 Lexiles. This is well above the national average for other high school students of 51-45 expected Lexiles of growth.

    Student Supports

    • Community Partnerships
    • Mentoring Program through Be A Mentor
    • Nationally Affiliated Clubs
    • 0.7% of students received 2 or fewer discipline referrals (down from 6%)
        • 99.3% received zero discipline referrals

    Academic Support

    • Students are scheduled for small group or one-on-one sessions in Academic Lab.
    • Continuous Cycles of Improvement are a part of ECHS culture.
    • All students have an AVID Elective Class each year, and the AVID teacher serves as the student's case manager.
    • Each student is issued a Chromebook.
    • ECHS is the only school that offers a real college experience on a college campus, in college classes.
    • We supply all school supplies for a $10 instructional fee at the start of the year.
    • We are proud of our very low discipline rates including no reports of bullying.
    • Teach Local - Teacher Cadet classes and guaranteed matriculation to the College of Charleston for aspiring teachers.

    Chromebook Usage Fee

    Each year, we charge a $35 Chromebook Usage Fee. This fee is nonrefundable and covers part of the insurance and allows us to repair damaged Chromebooks at no charge to families. Students will not be issued a Chromebook until this fee has been paid.

    Please have page 10 of the ECHS Chromebook AUP signed prior to picking up your Chromebook.

    Instructional Fee

    ECHS will charge a $10 Instructional Fee to all families. The fee helps to offset the cost of the initial school supplies that we provide. Once the fee is paid, students will receive the following supplies:

    • ECHS bookbag
    • ECHS Shirt
    • 3 - ring binder
    • pencil pouch
    • paper
    • pens
    • pencils
    • highlighters
    • student agenda

    There are no other required school supplies. Parents, we hope this makes your back-to-school shopping much more pleasant :)

    Portrait Fee

    The $10 portrait fee is required for all students. The fee includes an ECHS ID, which is a requirement for all students, and in addition, you will receive:

    4 2x3 photos

    2 3x5 photos

    Early College High School will develop intellectually confident and independent people who seize opportunity to continually better themselves, their communities, and the world.