The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain


In the beginning of the book, Huck Finn is being civilized by two sisters, an unnamed widow and a woman named Miss Watson. Huck Finn came into some money at the end of Tom Sawyer, and now he's supposed to stop being a street hoodrat and start learning to be a gentleman. However it's hard for him to make the transition. He defiantly spends most of his time avoiding baths and teaming up with Tom to punk innocent bystanders, like Miss Watson's slave Jim.

For some reason, Huck gets a bit jumpy about his money, so he signs over all his money to Judge Thatcher. Next Huck's drunk, violent dad shows up and demands the money.Huck refuses to give him the money and on top of that he cannot legally, because it belongs to Judge Thatcher then dad kidnaps Huck and takes him off to live terrible living conditions down by 'the river'.

In desperation Huck decides he must escape, so he fakes his own death and hides out on a nearby island, where he meets another runaway, the slave Jim, who's hiding out to avoid being sold down South and separated from his family. After running across a dead body, they decide to team up and search for new lives down the Missisippi. Together the team encounters many humerous and life-threatening situations.


Major Characters:

  • Huckleberry Finn- A spunky kid who is always seeming to find his way into trouble. Tom Sawyer's number 1 partner in crime.
  • Tom Sawyer- A kid who, like Huck, is always seem to be in trouble, Together the 2 have accomplished some exceedingly dastardly tasks.
  • Jim- Mrs. Watson's slave, Jim flees her home in fear of being sold down south into plantations slave life. He joins Huck as they search for new lives.

Minor Characters:

  • Mrs. Watson
  • The Duke
  • Judge Thatcher
  • Aunt Polly
  • Huck's Father
  • Buck Grangerford


I personally liked this book. I was humored by Huck and Jim's strategies for escaping various situations. This would include when Huck visited Mrs. Loftus disguised as a girl. i also liked the mischief the boys participated in, pertaining to the 'Band of Robbers' who pillaged the town in search of treasure and prisoners. I would recommend this book to people who like an interesting adventure read, but is able to catch hints of humor throughout the story, which made it much more enjoyable.

Favorite Line

"Oh, I'll go to Hell!"

This is my favorite quote by Huck because this is the point late in the story where Huck decides not to sell out Jim and he tears up a paper. This is a very major turning point in the story.


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