Chinese New Year Festivals

Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School vs HAIS

Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School

Last year I volunteered at the Mandarin Chinese Language School's Chinese Festival. I helped set up in the morning and managing different game stations. There were many people who spoke Chinese and i only(still) knew a little bit so it was shy when talking with other people. There were many games set up and a couple of performances. I like the experience that I got from volunteering and expanding my knowledge on a different culture.(Hated the fact that I ate regular food and Ms. Baltz promised Chinese food)

HAIS Chinese Festival

We had a Chinese Festival here at HAIS. We had a couple of performances that were performed by Chinese students(INCLUDING US!). We also had a few booths with face painting and other things set up in the gym. They were selling Chinese food in the court yard (delicious). The music and dance performances were good although sloppy. But i believe overall it turned out great because we gave the people who attended a small taste of the Chinese culture and hopefully inspired them to look more into it and attend another festival in the future.