CLP Weekly Memo

Week of January 18 to January 22

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

1-18 MLK Day Holiday, No School
1-19 School Board Appreciation Letters due to front office by noon

Upcoming Dates

1-25 DEIC Meeting
1-29 6th Grade SAGE Field Trip
2-2 LIM Symposium School Visits to Cullins
2-3 LIM Symposium in Richardson
2-4 Rockwall County Spelling Bee and Multicultural Night
2-5 Donuts with your Sweetheart at 7:15am

Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • January is School Board Appreciation Month. We would like to write letters to our board members to show our appreciation for all that they do for our school district. Please have your students write letters to our board members and turn those in to the front office. A class letter would be perfectly fine as well!
  • Please make sure that unless it is a sickness or emergency that you are here on Feb 2nd. This would not be a good day for a substitute as they may be asked questions that they are unable to answer.
  • T-shirt orders that were placed with Shree this week should be ready by Monday or Tuesday. We will pick up the shirts for you as soon as they are ready.

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!!

Thank you to the following for helping out with the event last night. I know it takes time away from your families and our community greatly appreciated your assistance!
  • Michelle Cate
  • Julie Woolly
  • Jennifer Givens
  • Laura Mejia
  • Veronica Murphey
  • Jill Hensley
  • Kam Harrington
  • Tanya Hunt
  • JoAnna Alvarez
  • Debby Schmucker
  • Kirsten Golden
  • Pam Sharp
  • Gayle Kidd
  • Joann Dickerson
  • Kasie Williamson
  • Shelley Harding

Jill's Corner

Happy Friday Cullins Friends!

I hope you all have had a great first full week back at school. With today being my ONLY day here it's been a welcome change from sitting in meetings all week long!!!

Monday is a holiday, enjoy the time with your family and friends.

January and the first part of February prove to be a busy time as you all complete MOY testing as well as digging in to the data to drive instruction for your students. The LIM site visit will be the first part of February and I am so excited to share our journey with guests!!

Remember that we are here for you in any and every way that you need!!!!

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!