Gladys Gicell Ramon

What was Holocaust?

Holocaust was the murder of many Jews, Romas (gypsies), and Soviet political commissars, and many others that didn't fit what the Nazis wanted.

Who were the Nazis?

The Nazis were Germans taking power of Germany and part of Europe, they wanted a society made up of Native Germans.

What "Nazi" represents

National sosialist German Workers Party

4 things that contributed to the rise of the nazis and hitler.

1. Hitler becomes chancler

2. Hitler takes away Civil Rights

3. The president dies, and Hitler gets rid of the office

4. They take over France

Who were the SS?

The SS were storm troopers who were incharge of taking control.
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The four main ways the Nazi's tried to control the public opinion.

1. Through the newspaper

2. They gave propaganda speeches

3. By having Anti-Semetic parades

4. By having segregation