Rock Stuff

By Allison


Weathering is the breaking down of rocks.

There are 3 types of weathering.

Physical - It i caused by the changing of temperature in rocks

Chemical - It is due to a change in the chemical composition of the rock

Biological - It is the breaking down of rocks due to plants or other living things

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Erosion is the moving of broken down rocks.
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This is a sand dune in Erg Chebbi, Morocco.

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This is a alluvial fan between the Kunlun and Altun mountain ranges.


The laying down of sediment.
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Above is Spurn head, it is a split off the UK coast.

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This is a sandbar off of the coast in Miami Beach, Flordia.

Soil composition

Soil contains clay, silt and sand.

These form different types of soil when put together.

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Soil is very important, if we didn't have soil we wouldn't be able to survive (nothing would actually).

Here in NC our community is mostly farmers, so if we had infertile soil we would be very economically unstable.

Soil in NC

The type of soil we have here in NC is cecil soil.

It is very ferial and is good for growing crops.

Soil Conservation

One way to help conserve soil is by planting legumes, theses plants , such as peanuts, alfalfa and beans, all help replenish the soil. THey change nitrogen into a form that plants can use.
Soil Erosion Causes & Soil Conservation -Video for Kids

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