Contant War

By:Cesia Castillo Morales

A Dark Cloud!

I’d been sad before, I think everyone has, but this wasn’t the same, all of this is much stronger! It’s like a dark cloud that before I had the chance to avoid it, it was all around me. Everywhere I see that is what I see darkness and nothing else then that, but everything has to have a reason behind it right? Well at this point I’m not so sure about that. It seems as if the taste of happiness has fades away.

Tears Rolling Down My Cheek!

Tears rolling down my cheek, for what seem like no reason. I can’t even listen to music because I start to cry…. I can’t sit alone for a couple of seconds, because the pain beats me into tears. I’ve missed school for a week now and I’m not interested in going back anytime soon. Every time I call someone or log in to talk to someone; they greet me with bad news. That makes me never want to get out my house.

Sleepless nights!

I can’t sleep the only way I get myself to sleep is with medication. At first my mom would give me them just like that, so I wouldn’t spent all night crying, but now it takes me more to get them from her. She says that she scared that I’m going to spent the rest of my life depending on sleeping pills; also I just went through half a container in a week. The thought of not sleeping and just crying all night makes me even more sick.

When You Just Dont Care!

I can’t even do anything because nothing is of my interest. There is not one thing that makes me laugh or smile at this point. My mom is always telling me to go outside that the weather is nice, but to me it is as dark it can be! That’s when you know you are at your lowest when you just don’t care… When I felt like that was as far as I could go, I would lay in bed just making a list in my head of those who care for me, and those who I care for even if they didn’t care about me; but it’s a constant war, against something you can’t see or even finish to understand.