Mateo Arteaga

Type of pathogen

The type of pathogen for rabies is a the Rabies Virus.

Scientific name for Rabies Virus


The spreads and the attacks of Lyssavirus

By the saliva of the infected animals or the inject by a single bite.

Most common victims

Dogs, cats, cattle and any wildlife.

Were its mostly found

There mostly founded in the spinal cord or the nervous system.

Most common injured/system of rabies

Reached one of two forms begins "Furious”, this form affects the brain and causes aggressive "foaming at the mouth behavior" where as "paralytic" rabies affects the spinal cord, causing the animal to be weak, lethargic, and unable to swallow.

Most treatment to defeat rabies

Rabies immune globulins, which consist of antibodies from blood donors given rabies vaccine, provide interim protection until individual antibodies are formed from the vaccination.

other information about rabies

Rabies causes about 24,000 to 60,000 deaths worldwide per year. More than 95% of rabies deaths occur in Africa and Asia.


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