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Pikesville High School Newsletter | June 2017

From the Principal's Desk

Greetings Pikesville High Family,

It is incredibly difficult to believe that we are now officially in the “final stretch” of the academic year. It truly has been a whirlwind year of new and exciting learning opportunities and expansion of inventive programs that has positively transformed our teaching and learning here at PHS.

We are currently being evaluated on our first year as a BCPS Lighthouse School. All stakeholders have been involved in this ground-breaking opportunity that placed us at the forefront of the digital curriculum. Our staff has and will continue to undergo extensive professional development on this transformative process, even during this upcoming summer. We continue to be elated about being on the cutting-edge of such a phenomenal opportunity for all of our students to experience academic application and digital exploration at our flagship school.

We hope you were able to attend and enjoy last month’s Night of Innovation that showcased our rich and comprehensive instructional programs and disciplines. Although we are the smallest high school in BCPS, we are committed to seeing that all of our students’ diverse interests and talents are aptly honed and cultivated. Annually, we have expanded our curricular offerings, and this year is no exception. For the 2017 -2018 academic year, we will be offering Homeland Security completer at PHS. We will be the only high school in this region of the county affording students this program of study. We continue to be academic pioneers, for the good of our deserving students who have expressed interest, and are eager to seize opportunities to learn more about this increasingly popular and relevant concentration.

We are in our “testing season” with students taking and/or preparing to take the PARCC, AP, and final exams, if applicable. Our teachers have diligently worked to ensure that students are being exposed to content/ assessment standards, as well as equip them with core essential skills so that they are confident and competent to successfully test in the upcoming weeks. Please assist us by eliminating any appointments your child may have that could cause an absence from school during this critical time. We are encouraging students to get proper rest and eat an appropriate breakfast so that they are operating at their absolute best when exams are being administered.

I would be remiss not to share how humbled and honored I was at being chosen as Principal of the Year by the Maryland Association for Secondary School Principals. The surprise announcement on March 3rd, and the subsequent outpouring from the Pikesville and BCPS Communities, was deeply moving. As many of you have asked, at the awards ceremony on March 30th, it was announced that they had chosen me to be the Maryland secondary principal who would be eligible to be considered for a national recognition. I remain exceedingly grateful for your expressions of congratulations and loving acknowledgements of genuine care. I will continue to share that I would not be able to do this noble work without your tireless support and advocacy. Never doubt the magnitude of my appreciation for having the ability to serve in this stellar school and associated community.

It is impossible to do this important work for students without your encouragement, involvement, and support! Thank you for being such a special part of our Pikesville High School community.

With Pride, Honor, and Success,

Sandra G. Reid

Important Dates to Remember

May 19 Senior Award program 8-10pm, Auditorium

May 22 Spring Sports Awards Night 6-8pm

May 23 Senior Picnic 10:30am-12:30pm

May 25 Senior Prom

May 30 Graduation 2:30pm

June 13 Last day of school

Prom Season 2017 Safe and Sober Parent Guide & Pledgebook

To access the Parent Guide and Pledgebook, please click HERE.


Last month, Multiculturally Rising Among Differences (MRAD), a prominent PHS organization, received a Resolution from the House of Delegates where speaker, Mike Busch, acknowledged the club's promotion of bridging the cultural divide and promoting respect among diverse cultures at Pikesville High School.

In April, PHS hosted our second annual Junior Achievement STEM Summit, the only summit held in the entire state of Maryland. Our ninth grade students were privileged to experience hands-on experiments and engage in discussions regarding STEM careers facilitated by a myriad of renowned leaders in the field. It was an enviable and unique opportunity for our students as they begin readying themselves for college and post-secondary contributions and experiences.

Recently, our seniors engaged in an inspirational AVID Signing Day where they were celebrated for being accepted into, and choosing, the college/university that best suited their personal and career goals. Another such commitment ceremony-PHS FIT-will occur prior to Senior Awards. Our students boasted a wide array of impressive institutions of higher learning both in and out-of-state. We are exceedingly thrilled for them as they prepare to begin this new venture in their academic careers.

This year, our very own David Kreller, our School to Career Liaison, was honored as a Teacher of the Year finalist. This is a tremendous honor that PHS has had TOY finalists for two consecutive years. We are set apart as a school that enjoys this outstanding multi-tiered recognition.

PHS’ academic recognitions and celebrations abound!

  • We recently inducted 42 student scholars into our National Honor Society
  • Josie Schaffer, a PHS junior, was chosen to represent the entire BCPS student population of over 112,000 as the Student Member of the Board for the upcoming school year
  • Anna Bacharach and Tinbet Berhanu are our students who were lauded at the Board of Education Spring Recognition and Ethics ceremony
  • Jamie Van Wyk, a PHS senior, won a coveted Comcast award
  • Ben Garonzik, a PHS junior and a member of the Superintendent's Advisory, received a coveted Carson Scholarship

From a sports standpoint, our teams continue to showcase pride, honor, and success as they compete both in and outside of our county!

  • Ellis Brown was recognized by the Baltimore Sun as First Team All-Metro for Indoor Track and at the first outdoor track meet he set a school record in the 200 m dash running 22.24
  • Our Boy’s outdoor recently ran in the Penn Relays in Philadelphia where they broke a school record
  • Emily Glossinger and Marcus Burgess were honored as Unsung Heroes at recent ceremony where former Raven, Ray Lewis, was the inspirational keynote speaker

Artistically, our Panther students continue to impress!

  • Our first annual PHS Greenwood Mansion show opening will be held on May 17th from 4-6 pm at 6901 Charles Street. Light refreshments will be served at this showcase that is open to you, our Panther parents, friends and the public. PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE RECEPTION!!! However, you may visit the artwork at anytime this month during regular building hours
  • Farruh Nabiev and Chase Green will be representing PHS at the BMA “Art is for Everyone” this weekend at the Baltimore Museum of Art
  • Kyaire (Nila) Evans and Rachel Fisher exhibited their talents at a highly competitive and prestigious BCPS art show



Paint their minds
and guide their thoughts
Share their achievements
and advise their faults.
Inspire a Love
of knowledge and truth
As you light the path
Which leads our youth.
For our future brightens
with each lesson you teach
Each smile you lengthen
Each goal you help reach.
For the dawn of each poet
each philosopher and king
Begins with a Teacher
And the wisdom they bring

Our “Phenomenal Panther Professionals” were duly celebrated by our PTSA for the entire week. At Pikesville High, we are fortunate to have tremendous, caring, and talented educators who are true craftsmen in designing learning opportunities that optimizes student engagement and skill. Thank you to the PTSA for their support in recognizing our educators.

News from the English Department

Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work and dedication in preparing for SAT, PARCC, and AP exams! Teachers have been working together to plan end-of-year projects that are creative, engaging, and rigorous. In the coming weeks, students will be taking essay-based final exams. Students taking AP or GT English classes next year will have the opportunity to meet with their potential teacher to review the summer reading assignment and learn a little bit about next year's course. We are also developing a school-wide summer reading option for all students, staff, and families.

Social Studies

AP U.S. Government and Politics students will be working on a service learning assignment this spring that will have them investigating a public policy and presenting a set of proposed solutions to the problem.

In the spring the It's Academic team will be having a recruitment meeting for next year's TV team.

Symposium to showcase yearlong independent research by BCPS high school students

What: The fifth annual Student Independent Research Symposium will showcase the results of independent research conducted by students at five BCPS high schools. At this public event, students will share their research projects in oral/multimedia presentations or poster sessions. Students, parents, and staff interested in supporting these students and learning more about the Independent Research Seminar course are invited. High school administrators, counselors, school-to-career transition teachers, and library media specialists are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

When: Thursday, May 18, 2017 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Where: Pikesville High School
School Library
7621 Labyrinth Road
Baltimore, MD 21208

The course research framework used by student researchers and their faculty teams may be viewed at

View the list of participants and their research HERE


Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Pikesville High School Class of 2019. Come in to the Chipotle at 10150 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills on Monday, May 22nd between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Pikesville High School Class of 2019. See the flyer HERE.

Jeremy Goldman, NCC

School Counseling Department Chair

Pikesville High School


Twitter: @PHSCouns

The Health Suite

The Good and Bad news about Spring Allergies

With spring temperatures warming up, you may find yourself among the estimated 50 million people throughout our nation afflicted with puffy, itchy eyes; a scratchy throat; sneezing and coughing; or even shortness of breath. Reports are that local hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices are seeing high volumes of people suffering from allergies this season.

And those with asthma may find seasonal allergies are making their condition harder to control. Also, if you think you are immune to allergies but have noticed some of these symptoms, understand this: Allergies can begin at any point in your life.

And as much as we enjoy the charms of spring, seasonal allergies — also called hay fever and allergic rhinitis — can make you feel miserable. Add to this, allergies can affect your quality of your life—sinus infections, disrupting sleep, and ability to perform well on projects at work or in school. There is also some evidence that seasonal allergies can contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. While there is no known cure for allergies, they can be managed through prevention and treatment.

Also, it is surprisingly difficult to differentiate between a cold and allergies—they share similar symptoms—tired, itchy, runny nose, sneezing. This is particularly the case around this time of year, when the “illness” is just getting started.

• Allergies don’t cause a fever. If temperature is elevated, it is a good sign you have a cold.

• Length of time—allergy symptoms last weeks or months if left untreated, but a cold clears up in a week.

How to beat the Allergy blues

Reduce your exposure to triggers

• Minimize time spent outdoors when pollen counts are high—this typically runs midday to afternoon—and, too, when it is windy

• Upon entering the home, make sure to change your clothes and take a shower immediately. And, park your shoes at the door.

• Close windows at night or when the pollen count is high

• Wash bedding in hot water at least once a week

• Wipe down our beloved furry friends (pets) before they enter the house

What are some effective home remedies?

• Inhaling steam through our nose is a simple method to refresh and soothe irritated sinuses and help rid the nasal passages of mucus. After boiling several cups of water, pour them into a big bowl, lean over the bowl, and drape a towel over your head. Then, breathe gently for 5 to 10 minutes.

• Saline sprays are a simple and effective method to flush pollen out of our nasal passages, thin and clear mucus, and combat the drying effects of prescription allergy medications. They are available at most pharmacies and can also be made by mixing a teaspoon of salt into 1 quart of distilled or boiled water and using a baby aspirator to administer it once the water cools.

• Neti pots are typically made of ceramic or plastic and can best be described as a cross between a small teapot and Aladdin’s magic lamp. They use a mechanism similar to saline sprays—the nasal cavities are rinsed with a saline solution to flush pollen out and soften mucus. The difference is that instead of squeezing a bottle, the “snout” of the pot delivers the solution.

Medications- always check with your pharmacist or primary care doctor before starting allergy meds. It is recommended, to take them consistently before allergy season starts to get the best results.

Join Pikesville High PTSA for 2017-18!

Pikesville High’s PTSA (Parent, Teacher & Student Association) is how parents support students and their teachers. Please help us enrich the high school experience and help PHS continue as one of the top schools in America by joining and contributing to the success of our school community. PTSA accomplishments include:

  • Sponsorship of student planners - received first week of school
  • Preparing a delicious back-to-school breakfast for our teachers and staff
  • Purchases of stadium scoreboard and auditorium screen
  • Advocating with Baltimore County for renovations to the school
  • Orientation Handbooks for Freshman and their Parents
  • Our Facebook Group and Google Calendar keep up on what’s happening at the school

Be a part of the great things happening at Pikesville High School! Pick a committee or project, contribute and come to meetings – it’s a great opportunity to find out what is going on first hand from Mrs. Sandra G. Reid and other faculty members.

Connect with us on Facebook!

Community News

For more information, click on the links below. Organizations and events are not affiliated with BCPS.

Greater Pikesville Rec Council

Everything from ballet, lacrosse, and chess, to summer camp. Register now!

Baltimore Shakespeare Factory: Shakespeare Summer Camps

For Grades 7-12

Baltimore Shakespeare Factory is hosting two different summer camps. BSF will conduct three courses of intensive - intensely fun - performance workshops for students entering grades 7-12 at McDonogh School. Incorporating stagecraft, swords, and soliloquies, participants will learn everything from movement and stage combat to different styles of acting. Every week will be unique and will provide opportunities for our actors to master the skills necessary to nail the audition, win the role and leave audiences cheering in their seats. For more information on other Shakespeare summer programming, click here.

JCC Teen Events

4front is Baltimore’s new open channel to high-school-age Jewish teens. We connect, collaborate, influence, and enact positive change and innovation.

Community Block Party


Sunday, June 4, 2017 | 10:00am-3:00pm | Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC

  • NEW Indoor/Outdoor festival format
  • Enjoy Inflatables, photo booth, face painting, carnival games, arts and crafts, and musical entertainment.
  • Visit 60+ community partners including schools, synagogues, service organizations and much more.
  • Shop our Marketplace featuring 50+ local merchants.

Pikesville High School Vision

Pikesville High, the heartbeat of our culturally-diverse community, is where pride in our work, and honor for ourselves and others, combine to ensure success in cultivating our globally-competitive students.

About Us

Principal, Mrs. Sandra Reid

Assistant Principals

Grade 12: Ms. Alison Becker

Grade 11: Mr. Adam Carney

Grade 10: Ms. Alice Burke

Other Important Numbers:

Main Number: 410-887-1217

Guidance: 410-887-1219

Nurse: 410-484-4795

Athletic Director: 410-887-1257

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