by Alexander

this is the reason why i whant to go to hawaii

What type of island are you going to, you will want to go to Hawaii! There are seven main islands in Hawaii. These are the main island names: Armana, Maul, Canu, Kauai, Molokai, and Kahoolawe. If you think that's a very awesome you should read more down below.

I want to go to Hawaii. I want to see Hawaii people living in huts. Is the hut made of straw on the roof? I wonder is a hut, in Hawaii made of sticks. In Hawaii I want to see, a volcano far away. I want to play on a real beach in Hawaii. I really want to see the whole island of Hawaii.

This is what they do in Hawaii.

This is what they do in Hawaii. I really want to try a chunk of the pig! I want to try a dessert call Kalua. In spring, summer, fall, and winter it is always toasty` in the eighties in temperature. They have any sports they don't have soccer, football, baseball, and tennis. I wonder what else they doing in culture?

These are fun facts about Hawaii.

These are fun facts about Hawaii. Hawaii people do a dance that they go left and right left and right with their hips and their hands. In the Hawaii dance they wear around their hip seaweed. In Hawaii there are 132 Islands in Hawaii all together. In Hawaii 8 of the islands people own. In Hawaii they surf for fun. I want to learn more about fun facts about Hawaii.

Hawaii sounds like a great place. I want to see a good hut. I could try a little of their pig. I really want to surf in Hawaii. If I get there I hope I will learn more.