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Description on Gems

A gem also known as a precious or semi-precious stones, a fine gem or a gemstone. Gems are used in jewellery, mining drill bits and other items that are useful. However some rocks such as amber and jet that are sometimes used in jewellery are also called gems. Most gemstones are hard but some are not and are used in jewellery by how they look.

How are gems extracted?

Gem Mining

How people mine diamonds

This video is about the history of gem mining in Franklin,Carolina. As well as a visit to Sheffield Mine to do some Ruby mining.


Diamond Mining- Inside Earth's Gigantic Holes (1) by robin7C
The most commonly used technique for mining gems is Step 1: Open pit mining. this technique is used to loosen and haul gems. In the process the hole gets steeper and deeper. In the process if the hole gets to deep there is a second option Step 2: Underground mining. Tunnels are dug going lower and lower to where the gems can be found and mined. Once all of the gems have been mined they are taken to a place that is really close called Step 3: The Modular Processing Plant. This is where they are taken once they are extracted. First the crush and mill the gem ores to separate the gems from other things such as rocks, dirt and sand. After they are crushed and milled they are washed and screened so they can clean and see if the gem does not have any damage on it. Step 4: The Grease Belt. This is were layers of grease are added to the gems. Once dry the grease is scraped off the gem revealing pure crystals. Step 5: X-ray Separation. This step is the test if the X-Ray reveals that the gem is pure it is dropped down and sent to companies, if it is not it keeps on traveling on the conveyer belt and is thrown away or made into cheap jewelry. Step 6: Finishing touches. This is the last and hardest step in this step the cutter must analyze the gem and look to see how many cuts they can make to achieve maximum economic profits. Once they are cut they are sent to jewelry stores to be sold or to companies to be made into something. This is how you extract a gem.

What Polished Gems Look Like

Why We Need Gems

Gems are important to us to use not only for jewelry and fashion but also for drill bits and other items that are made up of gems. We need drill bits to go under ground to find useful items such as coal, oil and natural gases to power our homes,schools etc. some household items that have gems in them are television, cars and telephones. Without these items it would be hard for us humans to live.

Impacts By Extracting

There are many impacts when it comes to extracting gems. One of the impacts are the giant holes mining companies dig to get the gems. There are huge and can be thousands of feet deep. Some times the holes can even be near a city or where people are living so this could affect them to. Another impact is to the environment. They are deforestation to clear a path to mine, also water pollution happens because when someone is mining some substances could get into the ground water and pollute it. The last impact to the environment is land and water dredging. the dirt that is dug up mixed with ground water become nests for mosquito's and disease carrying insects then which can give the workers and people around them diseases. These are the impacts that can happen when extracting gems.