State Science & Engineering Fair

2019 Winners from Pasco

March 25th - 28th, 22 of Pasco's best science students competed at the state level and did an amazing job.

Congratulations to all of our participants and winners!
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Manahil Wajid - Florida Institute of Technology Scholarship - $84,000

Microbiology. From Cypress Creek Middle High School. Senior Division

2019 Florida State Science & Engineering Fair Student Participants

Zofia Vo - Academy at the Lakes

Myka Wilks - Centennial Middle School

Marco Rodriguez - Pasco Middle School

Emma Stanton - Bishop Larkin Catholic School

Hristos Pavlides - Dayspring Academy

Karolina Porcelli - Dayspring Academy

Ella Dobrzanski - Academy at the Lakes

Jasmine Rodriguez - Pasco Middle School

Julian Weiss - Bayonet Point Middle School

Jolee Hobbs - Hudson Middle School

Timmielee Merwin - Hudson Middle School

Samantha Cutrone - Bayonet Point Middle School

Cemre Kayisli Wiregrass - Ranch HS

Yasmina Clugston-Matten - Saddlebrook Preparatory Academy

Shurti Patel - James W. Mitchell HS

Chase Olivanti - Wiregrass Ranch HS

Kelvin Ng - Wiregrass Ranch HS

Ethan Cisler - Academy at the Lakes

Roshan Warman - Academy at the Lakes

Avanthi Puvvala - Saddlebrook Preparatory Academy

Manahil Wajid - Cypress Creek Middle High School

Vishnu Malhotra - Academy at the Lakes

Frederic Boylen - Charles S. Rushe Middle School

Kaori Martin - Charles S. Rushe Middle School

Nalin Mehra - Wiregrass Ranch HS

Great Big Thank you!

A huge thank you goes out to Karen Getty Stewart (Pasco PEPS), Branden Anglin (WRHS), and Tim Pauley (Pasco PEPS) for attending the fair and helping take care of all of our participants at the fair. Another thank you to Maria Emerick (OLL) for all the behind the scenes work in getting everything organized and paid for. To the Pasco Education Foundation for continuing to support and fund the science fair in Pasco Schools. Finally, to Lea Mitchell and Jennifer Waselewski in OLL for continued support of science. We couldn't do it without you!