What the Tech?

October 17th - Crayton Middle School

Google Check

We are going to check to see if your school Google accounts are activated. The reason to do this is so we can start the process of creating Google Teacher Websites that you can use to keep parents and students informed of what is happening in the classroom. Students do not have accounts and are still blocked from using Google until the filtering system is in place.

Tech Tools for Students and Teachers

Click here to go to the live form with links to different tools you can use in the classroom.

Register for Credit

Go to True North Logic and sign in...

Ignore the dates and times - I will offer at least one session a month you can attend, and I will keep sign in sheets. At the end of the year I will give you credit for the sessions you attended.

#19702 Technology PD - ITS - Crayton Middle School 2016-2017

These sessions will be conducted by Ashlee Buchanan, technology coach, and are provided to support the completion of yearly technology proficiency requirements, as well as integration of the DLE into the classroom. Participants must attend the full session in order to receive credit towards technology proficiency requirement