Simon Birch

Megan Wagner


Theme: You should always have faith or belief in something or someone.

Evidence: Narrator states " They didn't think Simon would last over night, but he did, they didn't even think he would survive.. he did" (Simon Birch)

Evidence Explanation: This piece of evidence explains my theme because it shows how even when they didn't think he would survive he did. In fact, he ended up lasting much longer than a week and a day.

Character (Simon)

Character: Simon Birch

Evidence: Simon states " What does coffee and donuts have to do with God?" (Simon Birch)

Evidence Explanation: This explains how humorous Simon is and he is just a normal person! He has normal questions and he was curios about how coffee and donuts have to do with God. He is very outgoing and he isn't afraid to say whats on his mind.

Scene: One

I am truly sorry for killing Rebecca, I never mean't to hit her with a baseball! I was just trying to hit the ball. I have never hit the ball before and the team was cheering for me and yelling at me to WHACK it!! So I tried my best and I did, it just went the other way. I know, it was all my fault and I should be seriously punished. I am truly sorry. Sincerely, Your best friend Simon

Scene: Two

Joe I just wanted to let you know i'm here for you during this odd time in your life. I know you found out today that your father is our church's pastor!! Weird I know.. but anyway I just needed to tell you to keep your head up and stay strong. Infact Joe, I think you should give your real father a chance, I mean come on at least he cares, I don't have any good parents. You're the lucky one! From your friend, Simon

Scene: Three

Hey Joe, I think we did a great thing yesterday saving all of those kids it was a great thing. We definitely kicked butt doing it! But to be completely honest I really should have been honest with you and told you, that I didn't feel great before the bus trip and after the bus accident I felt I was going to die right then and there! I couldn't even open my eyes to signal to you that I was alive. Joe I am really going to miss you and everything we did everyday. You're the best friend I could ever have, Well I hope you have a great rest of your life and when God thinks it is time for you to go I will be ready for you buddy! Don't miss me to much Love, Simon.