Raymond's Run

BY: Toni Bambara. Created by: Kendra J


In the story Raymond's Run, Raymond has a rare disorder, hydrocephalus. He is being taken care of by his sister Squeeky who is small but not afraid to fight. Her rival is Gretchin who always makes herself out to be better than she is. For example she will practice piano for weeks and then one day say that she heard a piece and just picked it up like that. Well there is a big race that squeeky is practicing for with raymond that Gretchin also wants to win. On the day of the race Squeeky wins the race by a neck. She notices that her and Gretchen could eventually be friends. She sees Raymond run and notices that he could be a runner. She decides to retire running and team up with Gretchen to coach Raymond.

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Squeeky finally has that "aha" moment to were she realizes everything.

She changes from being an insecure, arrogant fighter to a respectful, confident girl. The reason she changes is because she watches her brother run his first race and she realizes that he’s a good runner.

She learns her difference and wants to be friends with Gretchen.