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Grace T.

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One of the best uses of time travel would be to read some books again for the first time.

I chose this quote because reading takes me on an adventure. When I read a book for the first time, it's like I am starting a new adventure that I haven't taken before. When rereading a book, I still get the experience, but it's not quite the same as the first time I took the adventure.

My Favorite Author

I like J.K. Rowling so much because she is such a great writer! I love her books and her personality! Below I have a link to her website if you want to visit it.

My Latest Blog Entry

I recently reread Counting by 7's for the fifth time (I reread A LOT of books), and I am currently rereading the Harry Potter series and Out of My Mind. I am also reading The Book Thief for the first time. Personally, I don't really like that book. I wouldn't recommend it, because I don't think that it is very interesting or exciting. It can also sometimes be confusing, but not a lot.
Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

I chose this song because I think it's hilarious! I always have it stuck in my head and my friends and I like to sing it together because we have all memorized it. I wouldn't listen to the song if you haven't read the series, because it gives away some spoilers. This song is basically the summary of Harry Potter, to the tune of the different soundtrack songs.

Artist- PAINT (on YouTube)
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Like, Try, Why

Above is a poster of some recommendations for books that I have read (and that I love). If you like any of those three books, then I would recommend trying the book next to it. If none of these books appeal to you, there are some book recommendation sites below to help you find some books to read.

Book Recommendation Sites - This website is great for if you want reviews on books! Also, this website has fun contests and book giveaways. - I like this website because it has great reviews on books and gives the most popular books that teens are reading now! It has awesome book lists for all genres of books. - This website is good for finding popular book lists or books that are turning into movies. It has many other book lists such as Popular Series, Exclusive Editions, or Realistic Fiction. I have found many books on this site so I would greatly recommend it to you!