Weekly News

crash in claymore springs

just yesterday afternoon, August 25th tradgedy struck!

At approximately 5:30pm in claymore springs, a white van crashed, 4 girls are lost and 1 girl has been found. " it was so scary, it all happend so fast and the worst bit is.. my mcdonalds was in the van! " frenchie sadly mumbles. Frenchie is the only one who has been found after the devasting crash.

"we were just driving across the bridge when we saw what we thought was a toddler in the middle of the road, so we stopped like anybody else would, i went up to him, he turned around but he wasnt a toddler.. he was a midget. then he asked if i wanted to buy drugs and of course i didnt, then he just randomly started yelling to get out of claymore springs!

he ran off and then he ran in front of a bus but it swurved and missed him and hit our van! which caused our van to fall off the bridge." Frenchie explains. "but! Stephanie, Tracey, Anita and Queen Ally of Naples, my mum!, were on the bus went it got hit and fell off the bridge! and the worst thing about this is i dont even know if they're alive or not! " Frenchie cries.