Staff Lynx (May 9th-May 13th)

May Calendar

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Food Expo

International Food Expo

Monday, May 9th, 11:15am

3545 Morning Star Drive

Mississauga, ON

Foods of the World Festival

Sample the Culinary delights of the World

Dates: Week of May 9th-12th

Time: Lunch Time (11:15 am)

Location: Lynx Den & Grill

Everyone is Welcome!

Rotary Club

Three of our Lincoln students, Urooj, Shivar and Maninder, are spending 4 days at the University of Toronto (Mississauga), participating in Camp Enterprise sponsored by the LMA Interact Club. The students will be involved in a series of workshops and networking sessions with leaders in the business, academic and political communities. The program is designed to foster leadership and initiative in our students. This is the 10th year we have been sending students to Camp Enterprise.

South Asian Month- (Henna Designs)

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Come to the cafeteria on Wednesday's for the month of May period 3 (only ) to get your Henna done. Beautiful designs and creations.

Mrs.McGinn's - Student Volunteers

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Left to right: Gaurav Trikha, Harman Kang, Aaron Fernandes, Karanjot Bhullar, Darshit Shah, Mrs. McGinn. (not in photo: Zerin Singh & another Board technician)

Mr. Phangoora's students working to accomplish their goals

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Jelani McFarlane draining oil from the drainer and checking the engine at Woodbine Toyota with supervisor Mr.Dhillon