A Travel Guide To Planet Earth!

Everything you will need to know about 3 natural features!

Ways to Regionalize

hemispheres: the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern are the hemispheres of the Earth.

Time zones: Eastern zone, Central zone, mountain zone, pacific zone in the U.S. but there are many more fore the Earth such as Eastern African time, Japan standard time, and many more.

Climate zones: Earth has 3 major ones. The tropic, temperate and polar but there are many more.

Easter Island

This is an amazing place for tourism and the heads are known worldwide.

Challenges: High winds, drought, and high waves resulting in small tsunamis are all challenges in Easter Island.

Opportunities: tourism, volcanoes that will not erupt, farming and fishing are all opportunities you can find in Easter Island.

Packing List: sunblock, umbrella or hat, bug spray and flashlights are things you will need to pack.

Traveling Tips:

  • learn some history
  • read a guide book
  • learn to speak the native language- Rapa Nui
  • attend local parties
  • explore
  • see the famous head statues

Places To Visit:

  • the heads a.k.a Ahu Tongariki
  • Rano Raraku
  • Rano Kou volcano
  • Anakena beach

The Amazon Rainforest

There is so much to do in the amazon and the forest is one of the biggest in the world.

Challenges: sickness mostly from mosquitoes, wild and venomous animals and flooding.

Opportunities: the plant and animal species are beautiful, you get to see exotic animals and wildlife, and tourism.

Packing List: Long sleeve shirts and pants, tennis shoes and rainboots, a hat, strong bug spray and sunscreen, and a poncho and/or an umbrella.

Traveling Tips:

  • make sure to pack for tropical climates
  • know a little Spanish and/or the native languages
  • know some plant and animal species

Places to Visit:

  • Amazon River
  • Lagu Janauari Park
  • the science grove
  • hikes and canopy tours
  • Boi-Bumbas festival
  • Adolpho Ducke garden

Niagara Falls

The falls are an amazing place. It has history of people doing stunts down it and being one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls.

Challenges: it is eroding and the U.S sides population is going down and losing money.

Opportunities: huge tourism and fishing.

Packing list: waterproof camera, running shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing you don't mind getting wet, hats and water.

Traveling Tips:

  • Carry cash
  • Learn some history
  • If you want to visit both sides, get a passport!
  • Don't spend a lot in casinos

Places to visit:

  • IMAX theater
  • Maid of the Mist/ water rides
  • Guinness world record museum
  • Butterfly conservatory
  • Journey behind the falls

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