The Escape

By J.B Stamer


Boris is put in prison solitary and is begging to be free.

Main Character

Boris is determined to escape the prison.

Rising Action

  • Boris is put into solitary .

  • He looks at the other end of his sell and finds a out of place rock.

  • Boris pulls the stone from out of the wall and behind the rock is a tunnel.

  • He crawled throw the tunnel and see's a light.

  • Boris thinks the light leads out side so he follows it.

  • He finely gets to the light but he realizes that the light only go's to the feints.


Boris gets put into solitary.


He finds a rock that looks different and He pulls it out and finds a tunnel that he thinks lead's out of the prison.


Stay out of trowel because in the story Boris is put into solitary.

Nonfiction connection

I chose this because Alcatraz was a real prison escape.

  • Frank Lee Morris escaped Alcatraz June 11,1962.

  • He was the one how planed it.

  • John Anglin,clarenceanglin also escape.

  • another name for Alcatraz was the rock.

  • The inmate could get one visit per month but it had to be approved be the worded.