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KaKa - Doo Restaurant Men

Our Restaurant has the Best KaKa-Doo Chicken in the World!

Are you looking for mean-cuisine chicken? Come on and eat at KaKa-Doo Restaurant Men Outdoor Restaurant! Our chicken is topped with the top notched spices and more with our personal guaranteed chefs and more. Catch us in the Newspapers! Come on and eat at a reasonable price with a peaceful and gorgeous overview of the lake. We also, love to deliver! You won't regret it!!!
How To Make Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe

Our Mean-Cuisine Chicken!

Menu and Prices:

3 Louisiana chicken

$8.79 - $3.99 (Mondays)

2 Piece Bonafide chicken

$6.56 - $2.79 (Tuesday)

Any Big easy sandwich

$9.79 - $3.99 (Wednesday)

3 piece bonafide chicken

$8.56 - $3.99 (Thursday)

Butterfly or Pop Corn shrimp

$12.67 - $6.99 (Fridays)

6 Nuggets

$5.79 - $2.99 (Saturday)

Any large side

$7.69 - $3.29 (Sunday)


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Monday-Sunday: 8a.m.-10p.m.

Delivery Hours:

10 a.m.-8p.m.

Holidays may vary*