Mrs. Willard's Weekly News

May 5, 2017

This week

Today the sun is shining and there is beautiful blue sky outside. They were mowing the grass outside my window and we have started taking some things down in the hallway in preparation for summer that is coming very quickly. Despite the two cold days of rain, we did have a great week. We played in dirt, talked about the parts of a plant, what plants need to grow, and explored and compared different types of seeds. It was very much a hands-on, exploration week. We also talked more about our butterfly and observed "him" for a couple of days and then set him free. I was hoping to get some pictures of him flying away, but I guess he was a little too anxious to get out and it happened so quickly we weren't able to capture that moment. But we sure had fun watching him start out as the itty bitty caterpillar and change into the beautiful butterfly!

Next week

Next week will be the last full week. I cannot believe that it is here, even though we have been counting down for quite awhile. We will finish up with our letters, and be doing some different experiments and such. I'm hoping for more sunshine as a few of the activities will work better if we can get outside!


I don't even know if I have all the right words to express my gratitude for all the love being showered on myself and the rest of the staff this week during Teacher Appreciation Week. There were so many kind words and notes, gifts, food, and special little treats. It filled my heart with such joy and was very much appreciated. So thank you very much for all that you do. I love what I do, and get so many rewards throughout the year, but this kindness and generosity was sure very special.

Fundraiser Udates

I am also very excited to share that our DAV fundraiser raised $485. I don't know what the poundage that equals to, but that is a lot of donations that you all contributed!

We also received word this week that our Chick-Fil-A week raised $480! There was $3200 worth of sales that week made in our honor. That is just amazing! Thank you so much for supporting these causes. We are looking at some different technology and sensory equipment for the center with this money.