Last Call, Y'all!!!

BBQ dine-in orders due TOMORROW!

Family Dining before the Barn Dance

If you would like to join us for the BBQ dinner BEFORE next week's order, send in your cash tomorrow!!

For $10 a plate, you can fuel up on sausage, brisket, buttered potatoes, beans, bread, pickles and onions.

Upon receiving your order, we will send home tickets with your child. On Thursday, February 25th, bring your tickets to the cafeteria at 5:30pm. There will not be any refunds for orders that are not picked up by 6:15 pm.

Find your envelope from last week's Husky folder and send them in tomorrow. The envelope is being use for the Barn Dance RSVP, even if you're not purchasing barbecue.

Pre-paid cash orders are due Thursday, February 18th.