Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

The main characters in this book are Alex and Mela Roslan and Jacob Gutgel. Jacob was once a happy boy who lived in a wonderful house and had friends around that he played with. Intill the Germans invaded in 1939 then it was no longer safe to be jewish. Alex and Mela Roslan Where awarded the Righteous Among Nations Award for there Brave actions that saved Jacobs life.


This Book took place in 1939 to 1944. The book starts off in the ghetto where Jacob has been now living there for aprox. 3 years. Alex found Jacob when He crossed the ghetto wall. In the book it tells you many of the horrible and yet courageous events that occured within the Roslan Family during WWII


Alex and Mela Roslan risked their lives and their childrens lives to save Jacob. Alex And Mela Were Awarded the Righteous Among Nations Award. The roslans were non-jewish and they helped a Jewish boy Survive. Without there help Jacob would of died