From cocoa beans to chocolate

By: Sriaryan Chennupati

A wonderful snack

A delicious snack is something like chocolate. people love to eat it they almost eat it every time. Have you wondered where it comes from?

Growing Cocoa beans

Chocolate always starts out to be cocoa beans. First,Cacao trees are planted. Then, they grow things called pods. After that,The people pick out the cocoa beans. Finally,they lay them out to dry.

Making chocolate

The cocoa beans are taken to the factory. First, the machines mash the beans. Next,they roast the beans and cook them. Then, the beans turn into liquor .After that, it is heated and mixed well to give it a glossy look when it is dried. Finally, the chocolate is wrapped and sold to stores.

How it gets there

The chocolate's get wrapped. Then,trucks take them to the store. After that,the chocolates are shipped to other countries and states. It is sold and people eat it. That is how chocolate gets to stores and other states.

Sweet snacks

Cocoa beans turn out to be chocolate and they make a great snack. They use chocolate to make things. This is how chocolate is made from farm to end product.
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