Religion,Beliefs, Ceremonies and Buildings BY:Molly Cece

Religion, Beliefs, and Buildings

Religion was very important to Greeks. They would study their Beliefs for gods and goddesses. Also they would go to temples daily to talk to the oracles/priests. Lastly, the would have ceremonies for god to respect him and their religion.

Temples in Greece

Greeks would often go to temples daily. They would go to talk to oracles/priests how they could respect their religion more. Temples were also a good place to pray because they were so quite. Also some of the oldest temples are still standing today like, Olympia temple of Zues, Temple of Parthenon and, Temple of Hephaestus.

Beliefs and Ceremonies

Beliefs and Ceremonies were also important to Greece. Ceremonies in Greece was a ways to respect god and get closer to god. Also Beliefs were more important Greeks then Ceremonies. Greeks believed that Gods and Godesses were they way to solve big problems.