Russian News

By: Caden Johnson

Energy Resources

Russia and Europe has many resources that the world needs to stay the way it is. Nonrenewable fossil fuels are used as an energy source to heat and run machines that use fossil fuel also when we use fossil fuel the material doesn’t form right away. Because it takes time for material to reform. Hydroelectric Power is an energy source by turning a turbine using the water motion into energy that is carried across Russia and other countries. Peat is another energy source because peat acts like coal.
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Trans-Siberian Railroad

The Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest railroad in the world. The railroad spans 6000 miles and crosses 8 time zones. The Trans-Siberian Railroad construction started in 1891. Because of the railroad more than 5,000,000 people immigrated to Siberia to form new towns and cities. The railroad connects Moscow to the rest of Russia. The Terrain made the building process harder. One of the challenges was to find the gauge of the tracks.
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After Chernobyl

After nuclear reactor #4 exploded and the power plant caught fire which was the worst nuclear disaster in the history of world. The fallout was carried hundreds of miles across the country. Alot of animals were contaminated including dairy cows. As a result no one can have milk from the dairy cows. Some materials of the radioactivity won’t decompose for a half-life.
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