Tippmann A5 Review

The Tipmann A-5 looks awesome. If you’re after a gun that reminds you of playing army as a young boy then this is the one to buy. As soon as you hold this marker you’re transported back in time to memories of army rolls and shouting da da da da da da in a mock machine gun kind of way.

This gun is real value for money. It’s durable, made from an incredibly strong plastic, and holding it in your hands give a sense of real quality and effort on the manufactures part. The molding lines where the 2 halves of the gun join are hardly visible and at around 6lbs with a full hopper of around too balls it feels durable, strong and powerful. It’s aesthetic design is the primary selling factor here though and scenario players will love the real comparison it has to a replica MP5.

This is one of the best paintball guns for beginners and as a result of being a lower priced marker it offers an easy level of entry with no adjustments required to be made straight out of the box. In fact the only adjustments are for the valve on the response trigger and the safe button making it very easy to get started. Just unbox, flick on the safety, add the paint, and secure the Co2 cylinder.

The A5 could be considered a little more expensive than other blowbacks but it fully justifies this with a highly accurate shot (which is even better than the Cocker in my opinion), a speedy firing rate when needed, is hard wearing and easy to use not to mention the incredible cyclone feed it has.

Although this marker is highly upgradeable it really doesn’t need to be touched when starting out. The cyclone feed will deliver around 10 balls a second with a standard trigger pull and increases the faster you pull the trigger. We’ve used, tested and watched this in action and never seen any problems with the speed of the feed and the firing rate resulting in a fast and accurate paint delivery depending on your needs. Not only that but it shoots very straight with the original barrel, even at a fast rate of fire.

For those of you who are maybe a little keener than an average paintballer you can strip this baby right down very quickly which is great of you have any problems in the field. It only takes 2 pushpins and the handle will fall away revealing an easy access to the rest of the gun.

Upgrading to the flatline barrel is a great call if you can afford to go the extra. The original barrel is a great for a starter but the flatline improves the range and accuracy notably.


The marker works fine on CO2 but we feel that compressed air gives a more even shot. Upgrading to a nitro tank does give a greater consistency where CO2 can begin to be more volatile when it gets less than half full. It’s fast firing rate and speedy cyclone feeder also uses the gas quickly but on a plus point as the hopper is not electric it doesn’t require charging when you’re playing. If you’re at a field you may need to refill your air but in the woods where air may not be available, it’s a good idea to turn the velocity down and keep that air supply but the gun does work better cranked up to 300.

Overall for the price it’s a great value for money paintball gun that we all recommend over an Auto cocker. It’s excellent out of the box but it’s common for ballers to upgrade to the flatline barrel for increased power and accuracy but this is a preference and not essential to what is a quality marker.

If you’re looking for an excellent, well made marker at a price that will not break the bank then the Tipmann A5 is a the marker for you. So good and so durable you’ll be passing it on to your kids.