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Ancient Olympics

The Olympics were created by Heracles and Alcmena in honor of the god Zeus. The Olympics were started about 1500 years ago and were ended by Emperor Theodosius , a christian who thought that it was dishonorable to God. The reward back then was a crown of olive branches. The games had diaulos which was about the same as the 400 meter race. They also had dolichos which was about the same as the 1500 meter to 5000 meter race.
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Male Olympic Champions

One of the most tragic events in the Olympic was a terrorist attack in 1972 which killed eleven Israel athletes. But one of the most amazing events in Olympic history was when Jesse Owens beat Hitler's theory of Aryan supremacy. The man who was said to be just as strong as Heracles was Vasily Alexeyev who was first to left 500 pounds in the Olympics. But the first to win a metal in the modern Olympic was James B. Connolly which was in 1896. Four years later Women where aloud to compete in the Olympics. then 20 years later the Olympic flag first flew.
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