The Book

About Parvana

  • Parvana is a strong, caring and short 12 year old girl. She lives in Afghanistan, Kabul with her two sisters mother and father, she also had a big brother but he had past long ago. Parvana was very close to her father but he got taken by the Taliban because he went to school in England. so Parvana goes on a journey to support her family and meets some friends lost over the years.

What I think

At the begging of Bread Winner it was like all the other books describing the character and who does what and such. Every thing was nice then BOOM her father gets taken then Liam Neeson comes an...... no just kidding. Her father goes it prison and her life falls apart she can go any where with out a male to accompany her. so Parvana does the unexpected and makes herself look like a dude. she goes on bazar journeys. it is a good book you should read this book