The NHL & Kansas City

By Ethan Johnson

The Current League

The National Hockey League has thirty teams,seven in Canada and twenty-three in the United States.

Expansion Teams

Prior to the 90s, the NHL had 21 teams, adding nine more in San Jose, Tampa, Ottawa, Anaheim, the panthers in Sunrise, Florida, Nashville, Atlanta(Now in Winnipeg),Minnesota, and Columbus.

Hockey in Kansas City

A new expansion team in Kansas City wouldn't be the first time KC has seen hockey. There are many expedition games in the Sprint Center and a bunch of junior hockey teams based around the metro. In fact, Kansas City used to have an NHL team called the Kansas City Scouts that played in Kemper Arena. However, the team was relocated to Colorado in 1976, and was once again relocated to New Jersey in 1982, where the team remains today.

No Chance Soon

There isn't a chance of Kansas City getting a hockey team anytime soon. Lamar Hunt Junior, son of Lamar Hunt, the owner of the Missouri Mavericks, an ECHL affiliate of the the New York Islanders, called the $500 Million price tag for an expansion franchise "a ridiculously big fee" and is not aware of anyone in KC who would make a push for an expansion team.

Purchase of an Existing Team

While there may not be a chance of an expansion team anytime soon, in a list from earlier this year from Forbes, listed the values of each NHL team. Ordered from Greatest to least value, the Toronto Maple Leafs is the most expensive team with value at, in millions, 1300. The Cheapest, at 190 million is the Florida Panthers. The Powerball as of the 25th of September in Michigan is at $267 million dollars. If taxes were exempt from winning the lottery, whoever has the winning ticket, could by the teams based in Nashville, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Arizona, the Carolinas, Columbus, and the Florida Panthers.
Unfortunately, there is no chance of an NHL expansion franchise in Kansas City to unite under, we will all have to remain divided. I meanwhile will have to remain a fan on only the St. Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens.


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