The Iranian Hostage crisis

By Valeria Vergara and Triston Smith

Summary: The Islamic Revolution

Despite economical growth, Mohammad Reza Shah had many enemies opposing him. The opposition was lead by Ayatolla Khomeini. His message was distributed by cassette tapes, which were smuggled in, duplicated, and spread all over the country. The revolution has now begun.


Held for more than a year, the hostages, who originally numbered 66, served as pawns in a game of international brinkmanship between the Iranian and United States

Summary: The hostages

On November 4, 1979 a group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran. Holding hostage, more than 60 American hostage. The reason was that President Jimmy Carter allowed the the shah to come to the U.S. for cancer treatment. The revolutionaries took the hostages not because of the shahs medical treatment, but were trying to end american interference in their own problems. The students set the hostages free on January 21, 1981. Just hours after President Ronald Reagan was inaugurated into the white house.


The hostages disembark Freedom One, an Air Force VC-137 Stratoliner aircraft, upon their arrival at the base.
Iranians were tired of America interfering and their leader Ayatolla was an anti-american.
The picture above is Ayatolla Khomeini, leader of the Iranian revolutionaries.
Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 11/11/1979)