Viking E-BLAST

All Saints Episcopal School - Nov. 19, 2012


Our PK3 and PK4 families enjoyed fabulous Thanksgiving programs last week! We would love for ALL of our families to share a glimpse of these productions. Please click on the Smileboxes below, reminisce about the days of hand-print turkeys, and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL SAINTS!


All Saints showed THANKS by GIVING last week! Because of your generous support, All Saints Episcopal School was able to donate 4,137 food items to the Thanksgiving Store provided by Some Other Place! In addition, over $400 was collected to help purchase perishable items. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to this important cause. All Saints is one of the top three providers to the store at Some Other Place, helping to supply everything it takes for more than 500 disadvantaged families to have a bountiful Thanksgiving meal!


Our third graders are studying several genres of literature this year. Their first fantasy fiction novel is "Charlotte's Web." Even though this timeless piece of children's literature is considered to be at a fifth grade reading level and the vocabulary is robust, it is at the peak interest level for our third graders. The class has been enjoying a variety of activities surrounding the study of the book including independent reading, buddy reading, and a spell down vocabulary game. Buddy reading allows for students to read to each other in partners or groups. All of these activities are examples of ways our teachers are differentiating instruction. Reading and learning are always enhanced by a great environment and what environment could be more perfect than reading outside on a crisp autumn day!!!