The 1900s To You

The End and The Beginning

The End Has Come

I need all US citizens attention. The Soviet chairman has declared that the mighty Soviet Ships and missiles must leave Cuba. Once the chairman made this announcement Kennedy and him met and became friends, peacemakers, and better world leaders. From mostly all Americans they feel the biggest sign of relief they have ever felt.

The Best Beginning

Since the Soviets have declared to stop fire and become our friends, most of the powerful countries hope that the Soviets will join the UN and back us all up. From president Kennedy's view, the Soviets have very nice and good leaders.

Picture Caption- A mushroom cloud from a bomb dropping

Easter Bash Will Be A Smash

Sunday, April 18th 1982 at 11pm-3am

Sandy Grove Church

To: Lisa Edna

What: A Easter Party

Contact: Sandra Lee (278-309-1876)

Where: Sandy Grove Church

No need for a RSVP

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This Will Plant Cool Things In Your Head

5 Star *****

The book Seedfolks is a great novel about a community garden coming together. Seedfolks shows you that you can do anything with the help of others and belief in what you want to happen. Which is the main life lesson that the author tries to get across.

The author of Seedfolks Paul Fleischman has a unique way of writing because each chapter is told by one persons point of view. All of the characters may not know each other, but the way that they help the garden it makes you think that they have all been best friends since birth. Seedfolks is a loving, caring, unique, and interesting story.

Picture Caption- The cover of this amazing book