Group 4

Dalton, Mathew, Tony

The emergence of the third world

Third world countries were considered developing countries in which the cold war participants, (the US and USSR), tried to convince these countries to come over to democracy or communism. Decolonization of Southeast Asia and all of Africa presented a vacuum of power for either communism or democracy to fall into. The US was afraid of the "domino effect" where when one country falls to communism the next does and then it becomes a chain.

The cold war int he third world

towards the end of the 1950's Europe's divide seemed to be solid kept by the containment policy. Then in Iran Mohammed Mossadegh and in Guatemala Jacobo Arbenz Guzman began to control their countries with a vision of throwing off foreign control of their economies. In 1953-54 the CIA made the decision to get rid of these new governments which threatened US stability, a violation of the UN charter. Israel, France, and Britain without any clue to the US decided to invade Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nassar. A furious Eisenhower forced them to abandon the invasion. After the Suez fiasco the US moved to replace Britain as the dominant Western power in the middle east. In 1957, Eisenhower extended the principle of the containment doctrine to the middle east pledging to protect and aid them against communism. A year later Ike sent 5000 people to accomplish the same goal of France, Britain, and Israel.

Origins of the Vietnam war

The US and France tried to preserve the Asian Empire by going against Ho Chi Minh's nationalist forces. At the peace conferance in Geneva Vietnam was decided to be independent. Vietnam was divided into the northern and southern districts, but would be unified with the 1956 election. Ho Chi Minh had the advantage over Ngo Dinh Diem. The US decided to go aid Diem's regime but they were met with full fledged guerrilla revolt. The Us joined in order to counteract Minh and his communist policies but ended up only securing his victory. Cue us becoming world police.