Unhealthy water entering homes!

Wondering why Unhealthy water is entering your homes?

What is the problem?

People are drinking dirty and unhealthy water without even knowing about it. Because of that they are getting really sick.

How do we stop unhealthy water entering our homes?

3 ways

Foul Drains - Dirty water/wastewater from the toilet, dishwashers and sinks should go in a foul drain because the waste goes to a wastewater treatment works, there it is cleaned and put back into oceans or rivers.

Surface Water Drains - The rainwater from the sky has to go somewhere when it comes down. The surface water drains get the rainwater and put it straight into rivers or the sea.

Combined Drains - These are found in buildings/house that was built in the older ages were both the foul water and surface water go in together in on drain and go to a treatment works for wastewater.