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We are YM’s oldest certified partner, implementing YourMembership around the world for 10 years. Whether you need a little help or a lot, we have a plan to help. Check out our new pricing below.

What clients have said:

"Our YM adoption wouldn’t have happened without you. Without you we would have shelved it. In fact, in a previous attempt, they didn’t follow a strategy like we did with you. So it failed. Thanks for seeing us through!"

L. Bruce Harvey, former CEO, itSMF AUS, current General Secretary, itSMF International.

"The strategic work you’ve done is highly valuable, useful and appreciated. By helping us take a step back, and look at the overall market, you’ve provided tactical next steps which are both practical and imaginative."

Phil Ahern, Managing Director, 123RF (Benelux & UK)

"Starkweather helped us create new revenue streams that we couldn’t live without."

Dr. Miles Turner, former executive director, WI Association of School District Administrators

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Click the button above to find out how to get the most out of YourMembership. We have focused on associations and YM for 10 years. We want to prevent transition frustration. Our goal is to transition teams to work independently as soon as possible. We can accommodate any level of complexity, agility, experience and budget.