Fiona Marie Cecilia McCaffrey

My life

Best Education Example- My best example was my library teacher from K-8th grade. She was a very loving individual who I still go visit frequently to this day! She also taught us vocabulary in middle school. She would give us hints on our quizzes by stressing syllables in her voice. Haha, it was great. She was like a second mom to me.

Major- I did not pick education to begin with. I was a bio major for 1 1/2 years. I wanted to be a dermatologists and pop pimples everyday. Unfortunately I was terrible at chemistry. I had already been a summer camp counselor, girl scout leader, and babysitter for many years, so I knew I had a passion/ was really good with working with children. I didn't want to pick education because of the salary, but over the summer I finally realized that enjoying my job would bring greater riches than actual money.

What do I want from this class- To learn some cool new art skills to bring into my lessons. I am really up for anything!

Unique- I can't stay in one place for too long. All my good friends tease me about it. I usually travel out of state every three weeks or even less than that. I love seeing live music and dancing. I'm not the typical "lets go to bars" college student. I would rather wait for a good concert to pop up and go to that. I've been to 9 countries and 30 states in the US. I also have a weird habit of becoming best friends with the 50+ year old moms I meet at concerts. I just really love to meet older people with young souls, who still love to see music and live it up.

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