Week 35 of Kindergarten


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Sight Words

List 1 - the, of, and, a, to
List 2 - in, is, you, that, it

List 3 - he, was, for, on, are
List 4 : as, with , his, they, I
List 5: at, be, this, have, from

List 6: or, one, had, by, words

List 7: but, not, what, all, were
List 8: we, when, your, can, said
List 9: there, use, an, each, which
List 10: she, do, how, their, if
List 11: will, up, other, about, out
List 12: many, then , them , these, so
List 13: some, her, would, make, like
List 14: him, into, time, has, look
List 15: two, more, write, go, see
List 16: number, no, way, could, people
List 17: my, than, first, water, been
List 18 : called, who, am, its, now
List 19: find, long, down, day, did - Test this Friday, May 19th

May 15- May 19

Phonemic Awareness skills: initial sounds, letter recognition, rhyming, and blending with syllables. We will focus on onset and rime blending. Working with ending sounds.
We are continuing with our writing journal where students are able to illustrate and create sentences. Students are adding more detail to both their illustrations and writing. Students are asked to write more than one sentence and are encouraged to use their sight words.

We will take a progress test on Unit 5,6, and 7 (Letters P, V, and W)

New Superkids Club: K Q

Print Awareness & Phonics

Associate Kk, ck with /k/ and Qu, qu with /kw/
Blend sounds to decode words


Discuss play and multiple meaning words


Recognize text structures and generate questions
Make and confirm predicitons
Understand characters and draw conclusions


Read with expression

Use proper pitch and volume

-Handwriting form Kk, Qq, and exclamation marks

Expressive writing: Write about a pet and a review

- Encode Kk for /k/ and Qu, qu, for /kw/

Listening and Speaking
Discuss being thankful

Students will take a test on Ch. 6 Subtraction

Surprise Donut Birthday Party - THANK YOU!!

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Important Reminders/Dates

Friday, May 19th: Superkids Party - dress up like your favorite Superkid.
Monday, May 29th: No School. Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 30th: Kindergarten Program. All are welcome! 8:30am in the gym followed by our End of the Year party. - More details to come!
Friday, June 2nd: Last Day of school. Noon dismissal