TEC use

Cons and pros of phone and internet use


Hey! Today were going to talk about the safety of internet use and phone/computer use,but mainly about the pros and cons of phone and computer use. Well let's get started!!

Online use

The good Bad and ugly

Now lets talk about the good of internet use: You can research and do your work/homework.You can have fun online and chat online.The bad part of internet use is some harmful website and some privacy problems so you have to be careful. The ugly part is some hackers and spammers break your firewall and steal your personal information.

Phone use /Computer use.

The good of phone computer use is you can have fun with your computer as well as your phone,you can call if you get in trouble or emergency and also stay connected to the world . The bad and ugly part is some random person can call you and say something to come to him also you can't see the guy so if he says he or she is your age or a kid.So be careful.

When you are connected to the internet you are like trapped with decisions ,each will effect you differently.