Amherst Bands Summer II Newsletter

Welcome to all New and Returning Band Boosters

Director's Notes

We are less than ONE WEEK AWAY from our 2021 band camp!

I hope you have all had some fun with friends and family during your time off. Before you know it we will be having our first football game and our fall season will begin!

We are excited to get back to somewhat normal band camp and a FULL FALL SCHEDULE including returning to the competition circuit in OMEA. After the first few rehearsals we have had the past couple of days with the color guard, percussion, and winds I can safely say that this has been a special moment and all of our hard work and dedication in sticking with band during the pandemic has made an impact on our return.

Please read through the materials regarding information for camp. A more in depth memo was given to the members this week in our precamp rehearsals.

Thank you very much for believing in the Amherst Marching Comets and for your support.

Construction Issues

Washington Street and several parking lots are getting a major overhaul. As I announced to the band members, please make sure to give extra time to travel to and from rehearsals due to the severity of the projects going on. At this point, the South Band room doors are off limits. Students must use the front parking lots and enter the band room by the Art Room doors. Students can also use the cafeteria and old Powers lots during rehearsal. Be safe when driving in these construction zones. Any unsafe driving will result in loosing said privileges.

Attendance Policy for rehearsals!

Please make sure to commit to the rehearsal schedule you have been given. Every day we learn many notes and many pages of drill and we need you to learn them so we do not get behind. We ask that moving forward, you try not to make any NEW PLANS during our scheduled rehearsals.

We know and have been informed of several conflicts and those conflicts have been approved. We are talking about new plans like going to Cedar Point with your non-marching friends because they invited you last minute....those kinds of conflicts should be avoided.

What to do if you are absent?

With the above being said...All parents are asked to call/email in advance of any missed practice. It is our stance that we need to make sure that you as a parent know that your child is not at rehearsal. Parents may leave a message at 988-1487. Many students tell me on the fly that they have to miss for a doctor's appoint and such. We ask that is put in writing (email) as we don’t remember the verbal call off. If a student is absent and we do not have it documented as such, we will call to make sure we know the child's whereabouts.

Final Forms Requirement

All students MUST have their Final Forms information complete. The school requires that ALL parents of athletes/activity members use FinalForms. Please register at – -- now and electronically complete ALL forms! FinalForms allows you to complete and sign all school required paperwork, including athletic/activity participation forms for your students. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each child in your family, saving you time.

Band Camp Advice

Don’t forget your Water Jug! Eat your meals, drink lots of water, wear comfortable clothing, and wear lots of SUNSCREEN. ALSO, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CAMP IS NOT A CONTEST TO SEE WHO CAN GET THE BEST TAN. We are here to get a very large portion of the season’s work completed. The more we get done at camp, the easier and less stressful rehearsals will be in the fall and will make for a better season. YOU WILL BE VERY TIRED EACH DAY....but remember, there have been many before you (and many after) that were successful at accomplishing the goals set forth in camp. Remember, rehearsals at camp next week will be from 8am-9pm (excluding Sunday/Wednesday starting at 1pm) for all members. The following week is 8am-3pm Monday-Friday.

What to bring to practice...

Water Jug *REQUIRED EVERY DAY* a 1/2 or 1 Gallon water jug is PERFECT!
Sunglasses - protect your eyes!
Hat - the bigger the better!
Binder/folder - with all your music in it
Pencil & Highlighters - for music and drill marking!
Sunscreen - no one should look like a lobster
Sneakers/Running Shows - NO flip flops, crocks, flats, boots, you need an ATHLETIC shoes.
Towel - to use to cool yourself during rehearsal
Athletic Clothing - athletic shorts/t-shirts are the best options, light colors to stay cool
Flip Folder & Lyre - not mandatory, but recommended
Drill Chart & Chips - passed out on first day of drill learning
Instrument/Equipment - obviously required for band camp...but some do forget…

Remaining Fees

The remaining fees for band camp are due by Friday, August 6th

Pay by Check, Cash, or Venmo
**Venmo Address: Amherst-BandBoosters (code if asked: 1280)

$30 - Shoes -- For new members and/or veterans needing them

$10 - Instrument/equipment Fee -- Members using school equipment

$50 - Disney Deposit -- First payment toward the Disney trip

Band Camp Treats

Sunday, July 25th to Friday, July 30th:

Because our kids LOVE your Sweet Treats, we ask that the members bring a dessert ONCE to share during band camp. This helps keep our cost down and gives the kids a variety of things to choose from when they satisfy their sweet tooth (teeth). Please follow the schedule below. Treats should be brought to the music lobby the morning they are needed for that meal.

Sunday - Amherst Band Boosters will supply

Monday - Sophomores

Tuesday - Juniors

Wednesday - Seniors

Thursday - Freshmen

Friday - Amherst Band Boosters will supply

Picture Day

Picture day for the Marching Comets will be on Wednesday, August 4th at 8AM. THIS IS DURING REHEARSAL the second week of camp and not an added activity. Uniform time will be at 8am and we will begin taking pictures at 9am. Package purchase information will be made available when we learn more details about picture taking. Just wanted to give you a heads up on the date and time so you can expect the picture information to come home with your child.

Band Lock-in

Friday, August 6th:

Our Band LOCK-IN is on Friday, August 6th. THERE IS A SLIGHT CHANGE THIS YEAR AS THE LOCKIN WILL CONCLUDE around 10pm. In the past, we used to bring sleeping materials and celebrate with an all-nighter. Because of COVID protocols and still being unsure of how much we will return to normal, a celebration has been planned for the last day of BAND CAMP instead of the sleepover. Once rehearsal ends that day, the lock-in will begin and fun activities will be available for the band members. Dinner will be served and is provided by the Band Boosters.

Band Camp Helpers

Just a few slots are left for help with meals and things for our band camp next week. Thank you to all that signed up for a time slot to help. If you are interested in helping out, check out what is left in need of help.

July Band Booster Meeting

The next Band Booster Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 27th at 6:30pm in the HS Band Room or Lobby if the band is in a rain situation and is inside. We will also communicate a change if the band room is difficult to get to because of construction and will let you know where to meet.

Christopher A. Barbaro

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