Shawnda Dee Soul Session

Collection of all my inspiration and thoughts.

Love Shawnda Dee

I created this page to help me get through my " hard times". While building my network I experience so many times that were considered "hardships"... But I will not allow my mind to think that. I ran out of money, of time, and did I day

But I made a decision to focus... to focus on what I wanted to created.

So I shifted my thoughts and decided to change my perception. I decided to "reprogram" they way I was thinking.

I live in a world where there is no lack. I have the power within me to create my future and create my reality. The only time I have to focus on is Now. In the now, I am in alignment with my purpose and purpose is a gift. My gift was presented to me by God. God is a God of everything and everywhere. God is everywhere and everything I need is within me.

So in conclusion I AM where I want to be. I have everything NOW. I will focus on what is Now... what is working... and who is here. Everything will show up. I know it will because I can feel it:)

Thank u universe.

Love SD


1) Art of Allowing

What : This was inspiration for me when I was worrying about paying my bills and other things. I realized that I have to focus on the end results and not worry about how to get there.

How: I decided to focus my attention on the passion of my purpose. I will allow the universe to set up everything for me. I AM NOw and everything is here. Thank u.


Abraham Hicks - Art of Allowing (Great Overview)


2) Greatness in belief

What : My inspiration to remember I am on the right track.... I can feel the power in the video.

How: I feel more inspired and skill is what I have.... I have it... I have it.... OMG... things will manifest for me. I will only focus on whats working. Thanks Will

- "or I'm going to die...its really that simple" ---- # lol


Your words and thoughts have physical power - Will Smith

3) Understand who I AM

Abraham Hicks - What Is The Definition Of Self-Realization
01/07/13- I am up at 6:30am and I got on Youtube to get some inspiration.... I found this video and I love it.

I will be starting a 21 Day Detox this week so this video reminded me to get tuned in with who I am.