Zitzman 411

Game On

What's Happening This Week:

PTO Scentsy Fundraiser through 11/29

Monday: Tiny Guitar Club Rehersal 7:45am.

Tuesday: PLCs. Good News Club 3:40pm.


Thursday: Red Cross Blood Drive 4:00pm.

Friday: Lego League 7:45am . Evaluate Make-Up Day 9:00am. Specials PLC 2:50pm. Set up for Breakfast with Santa 4:00pm . ZE Staff Christmas Party 5:00pm.

Saturday: PTO Breakfast with Santa 8:00am.

LIM Weekly:

The LIM website can be OVER WHELMING... sooooo let me help you!

Each week I will use the S'more to highlight a 'quality tool' for your classroom, and a lesson plan that goes with it!

This week the Quality Tool Spotlight is: Bar Chart and a the Lesson Spotlight is: Think Win-Win.

A bar chart (or bar graph) is used for comparing two or more values. It is a chart with rectangular bars of length that represent different values. The bars can be horizontal or vertical (also called a column chart when vertical). It allows students to compare two different groups of data over time.

See attached for lesson plans & bar chart form.

Curriculum & Assessment

PLC Agenda
  • Identify 5 Lead Measures for Reading (K-5) by grade level & Positive Pop Ins

***Grade level teams should select the Lead Measures that will be used to support students. A resource to use for this task is the Pick List shared with us during our last LIM Coaching Meeting.



  • Improving writing skills is an action step in our BSIP. Make sure are incorporating 30 minutes of writing time into your daily lessons.
  • Displaying student work---Every classroom should have student work displayed inside or outside of the classroom. A title and learner objective should be accompanied with the work hung for display.


  • Evalate make-up testing is scheduled for Friday. Use this time for students to complete or make-up an Evaluate test. Students shoud not be permitted to make-up the test in the classroom at a different time. The test should be completed in one sitting; much like a standardized state assessment.

Professional Development

  • Take time to preview the Writers Workshop support videos. Need help? See Barb for assistance.
  • All teachers are encouraged to participate in some type of networking. Seek out an exemplary teacher in MVR3 or another district to ovserve for the day. Complete the networking request through the Professional Learning site.