University of Oregon

School Information

  • Location: Eugene, Oregon
  • Courses that are offered for my career: Making and Breaking Codes, Database Systems, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Cost for four years: Can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 for four years
  • Admissions: Graduate from a standard or accredited high school, earn a C- or better in 15 college preparatory classes, submit high school transits, submit ACT/SAT scores, submit an application essay
  • Enrollment: 24,000 Students, 19:1 student/teacher ratio

Location Information


Fun things to do:

  • Willamette River Bike Trail
  • Hayward Field
  • Bijou Art Cinemas
  • PK Park
  • King Estate Winery
  • Mount Pisgah
  • Much more


  • Winter: Anywhere from 30 - 50 degrees
  • Summer: Anywhere form 50 - 90 degrees


  • Between the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean

Available Community Volunteer Work as Training

  • Greenhill Humane Society
  • Eugene Mission

How can this help?

It's an easy way to build up my resume or scholarship(s)

Paying for College or Trade School

I plan to pay for my college by:

  • Finding a part-time job (possibly at a store)
  • Find scholarships that I can use (mainly online)
  • College Dreams

Deadline for Turning in FAFSA Form: June 30th, 2016

Scholarships I plan to apply for:

  • Aaron Anderson Memorial
  • Amaranthus Family Science and Math Scholarship
  • Dale Booth Memorial Scholarship

Achieving Post High School Goal(s)

My goals for high school:

  • Get good grades
  • Take some classes that provide college credit
  • Take advantage of the opportunities the school has for college (or even anything else)
  • Get involved

Classes I will take:

  • Possibly some AP classes
  • Classes that'll go towards my dream job or future goals